Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hacken Lee plays the harp for charity

2007 Mar 12

Learning to play the piano

Hacken Lee, together with South Korea’s talented lunar harpist Guo Jing (Harpist K), attended the 10 hour Lunar Harp Marathon charity concert yesterday to help raise funds for the organization, Doctors without Boundaries. Hacken donated 50,000 dollars out of his own pocket and reveals that he has been supporting this organization all along. He feels that this organization is very transparent, as it allows him to know how the funds are distributed to help those in need.

Hacken expressed that he had collaborated with Harpist K for his song City Surrounded With Water and praised her for being South Korea’s world class lunar harpist. Hacken says that he has no talent for playing the lunar harp and regrets that he did not get to learn to play the piano. If he has children in the future, he will let them learn it. Also, Alan Tam has been anxious about Hacken and Emily giving birth. He laughs at Alan being like his father.

Hacken receives applause from the audience

Under Harpist K’s instructions, Hacken played a few chords on the lunar harp and received applause from everyone present. How did he know how to play the lunar harp? He says “No, I was just playing with my talent just now. When we were recording back in Korea, I did not dare to touch her harp.” He added that he once learned how to play the guitar last time for the singing competition and to woo girls, but has already forgotten the skills. However, he has not been able to successfully woo a girl by this method.

Present onstage as well was a 4 year old lunar harpist called Emily. As ‘Emily’ is also the name of Hacken’s wife, he joked that the little girl is his temporary girlfriend for that day.

Hacken has yet to learn the secret of giving birth

Hacken’s partner, Harpist K, wore a low cut costume to the event. Gentleman Hacken Lee did not divert his attention. He says “She’s only respecting the event!”

Hacken announced in Lui Fong’s concert that giving out red packets is like cutting flesh off himself. When he was performing at Las Vegas, Liu Jia Chang, gave him US$1000 for him to bet with in the casino. However, his wife lost all of it and Hacken joked he wants to use the red packets received from the concert to make up for this loss. Also, Hacken says he has yet to comprehend Alan’s recommended method of giving birth. He also joked that Alan’s method, dancing ‘old dance’ can help slim down at the abdomen and improve one’s Yang is only suitable for older people like Alan. It is not suitable for someone young and strong like him.

Will he give birth to a Pig Year baby as ushered by Alan? Hacken says “okay, okay!”.

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[they always say how hacken doesn't dare stare at women wearing revealing clothing! haha. wow, didn't know emily lost all the money given to hacken in LV! haha, hacken used 2 try 2 get 2 know girls by playing guitar?? good idea, though it didn't work. =P -kate]

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