Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lui Fong's Concert

[source:, translated by peggy jean]

March 10, 2007

Lui Fong's concert "Lui Fong's Love Songs 2007" has 4 shows and opened yesterday, with girlfriend Dodo Cheng arriving early to support him. The special guest for last night's concert was Hacken Lee, who, along with wife Emily Lo, sat in the audience before going onstage in the middle of the concert. Lui Fong's appearance was "The Prince on the White Horse"-like, singing many love songs. Before Hacken performed, he and Emily watched in the audience, sitting next to Dodo Cheng. Lui Fong commented on stage that it's taken him 18 years to hold his own concert, laughing that a fortune teller told him that this would be the good year to hold his concert, and that's why he waited so long. He said he was lucky his fans waited with him for this year. When his fans from the audience shouted "Dodo Cheng", Lui Fong laughed and asked if they had gone to the wrong place - this was HIS concert - to which he received a round of applause from delighted fans!


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