Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hacken, Charmaine Sheh, Yuen Chau and Yumiko at premiere of Lady Iron Chef

7th March 2007

At 9:20pm UA cineplex at Causeway Bay, after months of filming, the movie Lady iron Chef is officially completed with its premiere. A group of artistes involved in the production including Hacken Lee, Charmain Sheh, Yuen Chau and Yumiko Cheng attended the premiere.

Hacken had just finished a concert in America and had rushed back to attend this event. Perhaps being too busy with work, Hacken showed signs of fatigue on his face. He commented that he has confidence in this movie and hopes that it will be well received when it airs.

In the movie, Hacken is often faced with lots of good food. This reprter wonders if Hacken's interest in cooking has increased after filming this production. Hacken's reply is that his interest was not really that affected as he has all along been very interested in cooking. Also, in the show, he does not have to cook as he is one of the food tastors. If anything, he has become more picky when eating nowadays as his expectations for the quality of food has increased. Hacken also adds that nowadays, with a few thousand dollars, he is able to hire someone home to cook good dishes for him to eat everyday, thus decreasing the need for him to learn how to cook! (Reporter's remark: Rich people are definitely more able to lead a more extravagent lifestyle)

~ Tungstar, Hong Kong News] [translated by Gillian]
[hacken's lucky, can eat lots of good food during filming this movie!! haha, he doesn't need 2 learn to cook if he has money 2 hire some1!! i think every1 would rather hire some1 than learn 2 cook, if i had enough money!! -kate]

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