Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hacken triumphs at HK IFPI Awards

2007 March 4th

Soon after entering the Year of the Pig, the IFPI of Hong Kong will be the first organization to hold an awards presentation ceremony. Yesterday, the Association announced the winners for the inaugaral "Most Popular Music Awards" which will be presented during the awards ceremony at the annual festive dinner.

In conjuction with its 25th Anniversary, IFPI decided to set up this new award whereby members of the Association will have a chance to vote for the records they think should win the awards. This is based on the records released in 2006 and judging is based on when the product was promoted, the promotion effort, quality of product as well as volume sold.From there, results will be computed and the highest scoring one of each category will be presented with the award. The categories are as follows: Cantonese pop, Mandarin pop, East Asian movies, Foreign Language films, Concert albums among others.

Hacken's 'Concert Hall 2' topped the category of Cantonese pop album. However, he is currently in America preparing for for a program by Central Channel [CCTV]. On getting this award, Hacken indicates that he is very happy. Most importantly, all the efforts put into producing the album has been recognized.

[Sources:, ~ HK IFPI] [translated by Gillian]

[CONGRATULATIONS, HACKEN!! his first award in the new yr of the pig! ;) i can't wait till his new canto CD!! -kate]

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Minna said...

Congratulations to Hacken!!
Concert Hall II really deserves this award! Took a lot of time and hard work! :)