Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hacken Lee announces the secret formula of how marriage can help prevent financial losses

March 11, 2007

Lui Fong’s concert began last night. Lui Fong invited his good friend Hacken Lee to his concert. Hacken praised Lui Fong’s strength in singing, and also he did not went off tune. Seeing him step into the Coliseum, Hacken feels happy. Lui Fong says “I feel happy for Hacken’s marriage too, but I’m not married!” Hacken suggest Lui Fong to get married secretly, and announce it only after they have given birth then go about collecting red packets. Lui Fong said “will consider finding somebody elsewhere to give birth”. Hacken reminds him not to let his “other half” in the audience seat know. Carol and Emily who were in the audience seats laughed. Hacken said “The two of them are talking, wonder if they’re having ‘baby talk’?”

When Hacken came on stage, the audience was quite eager; he took away the show from Lui Fong for a moment. He even shook hands with the audience and one of them held on to his hand and did not want to let go till the security came to his assistance.

Both of them sang Flower Protector together and Hacken said “Given Hong Kong’s audience who looks for high quality, and for Lui Fong who is a top quality singer, why didn’t he have a concert till now?” Hacken also laughed at him forgetting his lyrics while looking at Carol Cheng.

Lui Fong commented, “You must be happy, being married. I’m still like this!” He then asked Hacken when he is going to have a baby; Hacken said “This year’s lunar new year was different from the past. This is the first time I am giving out red packets and it’s like cutting flesh off me. So when you get married, it’s best to keep quiet about it. You can keep it until you’re 80 years old. So, when will you get married and have a baby too?”

When will he consider Hacken’s suggestion? Lui Fong said “I will be low profile in my marriage, and then tell my friends but for now, I’ve no plans for marriage.”

[sources:, ~Ming Pao, Singpao, Apple Daily]
[translated by Hianez] [wow, some1 in the audience wouldn't let go of hacken's hand!! haha. umm...hacken's clothes these days seem a little strange!! -kate]

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