Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hacken's car and mic breaks down...and he also receives criticism

December 10, 2007

Things do not go well for him

Yesterday, Hacken met with many unsuccessful things. It all began when he made his way to Sha Tin Courseway to act as guest for the Cathay Airlines Hong Kong International Races 2007. When he left his home for the event, his 7-seater car broken down in Tseung Kwan O tunnel. After the commotion which lasted for about 30 minutes, he then boarded a taxi and managed to arrive on time for the event.

Though he was the most popular performing guest, his mic earphones had problems while he was singing. When he sang "Red Sun" and went forward to shake hands with the audience, a man shouted "Horse Club's Bootlicker!" and even raised his hand to do a thumbs down gesture, expressing his jeers. But there were people in the audience who stood up for Hacken and directed 4-letter vulgar language at the man.

About the man's comment, Hacken replies: "Really? I didn't hear him. Oh, forget it!" With such bad luck, will Hacken make a bet on the horse race? Hacken replies: "in my whole life, I've only bet two times on horse races. Ten years ago, together with friends, we bet on a horse and won lots of money, but since then never won again." And replying to his car breaking down, he says, "Good thing I have a habit of always leaving the house early, so even when the car breaks down this time, I was not late and didn't affect the show's progress."

[translated by: HIANEZ & JANE, edited by: KATE`*]

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