Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Joey Yung gets to see Ryan's picture

December 8, 2007
Vol 25 of FACE

In the recent children's charity program organized by TVB, the focus was on Hacken Lee (well known for his singing) who did not perform (as well) as expected. Later on, there were many discussions on it and Hacken explained that it was due to the fact that the crew forgot to switch off Joey Yung's mic. Hence, he had to listen to Joey's conversation with Wong Cho Lam while singing. More or less, he got distracted.

However, the truth wasn't as such. Joey ought not to be the one who has such a strong influence over Hacken to distract him. The culprit had to be his son, Ryan. That night, backstage, he kept telling Joey about his son. And Joey liked little Ryan a lot, and kept at Hacken's ipod (in which he stored Ryan's picture) for 10 minutes. How could one not be distracted like this?

While doing make up and her hair, Joey kept looking at Ryan. And she even dared to show it to the reporters! Hmm, could it be that she wants to have a baby too? But her boss would not want her to do so, she is EEG's number 1 sister after all!

Later on, Gigi Leung also said that she wanted to have a look at Ryan. Hacken, on seeing that there were reporters around taking pictures, spoke loudly "Of course I won't show it, I only show it to people that I know!" Gigi has written (music for) "Tall Girl" for him before, did he mean those words for the reporters?

Hacken put Ryan's photo into his ipod. He was very happy to become a father, and should've been more generous and let the FBI have a clearer shot!

[translated by: HIANEZ, edited by: KATE`*]

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