Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hacken Refuses to Comment on Gold Label's Boycott Act, feels that singers are like pawns

December 24, 2007

Earlier, Gold Label issued a statement that all their singers would not be attending the award ceremony organised by Metro Radio Station. The reason being that they are unhappy with the unequal distribution of the awards, with the majority of them going to Universal. Two of the main singers involved is Hacken Lee and Leo Ku. Last night, both of them met at the JSG 3rd Quarter selection, but things seemed amiable between them.

It is rumoured that Leo Ku would get the Male Singer Award, but because Metro Radio Station wants to 'return the favour', the award will be given to Hacken instead. This caused Gold Label to be greatly displeased, thus deciding to boycott the event.

Hacken does not wish to be dragged into the boycotting incident and said that that he wants to just take good care of his son. He said that being a singer can be rather helpless sometimes. If the Award Ceremonies are like battlefields, then the record companies would be the equivalent of generals while singers are only pawns and soldiers. Singers just have to put in effort to produce a good album and obey instructions.

When Hacken and Leo met at the JSG awards, they were talking and trying to understand the whole incident form each other. Later, Hacken acknowledged that they did talk about this incident. Hacken relayed that Leo was only just following instructions, just like how he himself missed Metro's celebratory bash after the awards ceremony last year because his company was not happy with the results.

When asked if this incident caused any awkwards feelings between him and Leo, Hacken said, "No, everyone talks and jokes." When asked his feelings towards getting awards, he replied "If I receive an award, I will be happy, if not, I will just go home and take care of my son. I'm already not that young, please don't try and drag me into this. When asked if Leo's award is being given to him, he said: "I have always not believed this. No one knows the results yet. Maybe I will also not get it."

Leo Ku has just returned from Malaysia and he indicated that he did not know what was going on. He had even prepared his clothes for the ceremony, only to be told by his company that they would not be attending. He said that all the talk about the awards and the reasons are just media speculation. He said he will follow what his company does, and respect their decision, but he will also understand the reason for doing so.

[Gillian's comments: I think Paco was being very petty by getting all his singers to boycott the event because they are not the big winners. Also, if it is really about the Male Singer award, it was given to Leo and Hacken did not get it. Not sure if they changed the results because of this or it was just a media speculation.]
[kate's comments: i 100% agree w/gillian!! though last year UMG artists did not attend the party afterwards, but that's not as bad as not attending the ceremony period. but i'm not that surprised about the boycott. paco has always had the kinda bad news reported about him that makes him seem like a really greedy/petty guy....]

[translated by: GILLIAN]

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