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Son is biggest (most important), Hacken isolates dogs

2007 Nov 30
Sudden Weekly Vol. 644

It is known that Hacken and Emily loves dogs; they own five dogs. But since the birth of Ryan, things have changed. Hacken restricts the dogs from getting near Ryan. Even though Hacken once said that raising a dog is a lifelong thing, but dogs can't match up to the birth of his son.

Hacken is known for loving dogs; he treats them like family members. In 2006 he also trained two Golden Retrievers Butter and Peanut, who performed in his concert before. His 5 dogs can go in and out of the house freely.

Dogs restricted from second floor

Of the 5 dogs Hacken owns, 4 of them are considered long hair dogs, so since the birth of Ryan, the dogs have been restricted because Hacken is afraid that the dog hair will affect Ryan's breathing. And because the master bedroom and Ryan's room is on second floor, the dogs have been restricted from the second floor. In the beginning the dogs were frustrated and not used to the new restrictions. Upon seeing the dogs reactions, Hacken and Emily felt bad too, but for health's sake they had to restrict them. Earlier, Hacken was seen taking the dog to check-up; but it was apparent that Hacken kept his distance with the dog.

Two maids, two uses

Upon the birth of Ryan, Hacken hired another maid to care for the BB; the other maid will care for the dogs and do house cleaning. Also Hacken bought 4 air-purifiers that is used 24 hours in the house. Hacken said that one must always be clean and to be careful; Ryan is young, his immune system is still not strong enough to fight off bacteria. Ryan is about 9-pounds now; Lisa (wonder who this is?) visited him the most, but she never dared to carry him. Hacken is so caring that because of Ryan, he wants to eliminate having to leave HK. Earlier [someone? a company in?] Japan invited him to guest perform at a show, but he rejected because he wanted to stay in HK.

Dog hair can cause asthma

The doctor recommended that the pregnant mom and BB should not be close to animals because it can cause asthma. It is best to keep the animals outside.

[Source: http://www.leehacken.com/magazines/2007/20071130_sudden_644.htm]
[translated by: JANE]


Hacken San Francisco Fan Forever said...

wow....Hacken really a nice dad and husband. Family come first and he hirer another maid just to take care of baby Ryan. That so sweet and sweet daddy.