Monday, January 8, 2007

A Day Filled with Happiness

2006 Dec 3

Article written by: Hins Cheung

Summary: "I am not a person that likes to social because I am afraid that I will be left in the corner
and I don't really like the conversations at social events. So on that day, November 28, when I went to
Hacken and Emily's banquet, I was quite nervous. But I was not alone, Ivana also felt the same way.
Having been in Universal for 4 years, tonight was the first time I have seen Hacken like that, a face
filled with happiness. When Hacken and Emily stepped into the banquet room, their happiness shines out to
all the guests in the room, causing all the guests to be drunk when things are just getting started. This
kind of happiness will only shine when two people is truly in love. After the banquet, I envy the couple.
Hopefully in the future I will also have a banquet like theirs. I want to wish the newly-wed couple all
the best!!"

[~ Mingpao] [Source:] [translated by Jane]

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