Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Hacken and Charmaine film new series

2007 Jan 2

Going into 2007, besides good health, Hacken also hopes to have a new start, first off he takes on a new movie, and the actress is Charmaine, Hacken only knows that it is a movie about food, it is definitely not a sad movie, in the movie he will act as a rich boy, and Charmaine as a useless girl, Hacken hopes that in 2007 he will have more chances to act in movies, it is said that Charmaine is annoyed of gossip news, but Hacken said there is nothing to be afraid of. On another note, next year, Hacken's job schedule is booked, where will he have time to have baby? Hacken says he will plan accordingly.

RTHK held a countdown 2007 at Causeway Bay, at the same time they announced the top 10 artists, which
includes: Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Justin Lo, Denise Ho, Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung, Jay Chou, and Janice.

Hacken was the first one to receive this award, he hopes this will bring him more luck, new year with a
new start. Ever since he was announced the top selling artist, Director Wong Jing invited him to act in the new year film, and for the first time inviting someone from TVB, Charmaine. Although Charmaine have many gossip news, Hacken said he is not afraid of any partners in movie. Because of the movie, Hacken also have to color his hair black again, having gold hair for many years, Hacken admit that he is not used to it. Asked if he will act in more movies this year? he replied that must finish this one first.

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[translated by Jane]

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