Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hacken Lee forced to lip-sync due to his illness

Caption: Hacken Lee, who's forte is singing live, had no choice but to lip-synch.
Caption: Hacken and Charmaine walking the red carpet and enters.

2007 Jan 21

Hacken Lee was invited as the performing guest for Miss Chinese International Pageant which
took place last night. He fell sick as he had been busy rushing for the filming of his movie.
Having to perform when he is sick, he announced beforehand that his performance might not
be up to standard, saying "Because of the cold, my performance can only reach about 60%.
I've been filming becoming like a dead corpse [zombie?]. Yesterday, when I performed at Qing Yuan, I nearly could not speak."

Hacken Lee performed 3 songs yesterday. His voice was much thicker when he performed 2 of the TV classics.
As for the other song, Princess Price, he had to lip synched and the difference was vast and obvious.
The executive producer for the program He Xiao Hui had brought up the issue with Hacken and
asked if he wants to shorten his performance. Hacken says "I don't want to affect the performance,
so I will do my best to sing."

Hong Kong changes her role as host

Also, Hacken Lee's wife Emily Lo received second place at the Miss Chinese International for the year 1993. He says
"Times have changed, last time it was more traditional, there were a lot of Hua Chen at home. Also,
Hong Kong was the one who made the decisions and had the advantage as host. This time it's
Fo Shan, Hong Kong is no longer playing the role of a host." Hacken also mentions that his
wife had the advantage of being host last time. And this time, Hong Kong no longer has an
advantage as it is not the host.
Hacken lip synched for Miss Chinese International Pageant

Out of his 3 songs, Hacken Lee only performed 2 live songs. The other song Princess Prince, due
to difficulty in singing the song, Hacken can only lip synched. He expressed that he could
not help it either as he was sick.

Have to bear with his illness while filming

Hacken says "I couldn't even speak when I went to Qing Yuan yesterday. I've spoked with the
executive producer through the phone before hand. If I really can't sing the song we will
stop the song halfway through." Is he worried that his performance will not be up to standard?
"Of course I'm afraid! That's why I've went to see the Qigong master after seeing the doctor,
and I've even brought traditional chinese medicine here to drink. However, one needs to rest
for this illness, so after my performance I will return to Hong Kong immediately."
Being sick this time, Hacken believes that this was due to the harsh filming of Beautiful Food
Goddess. On his views towards this year's pageants, Hacken says he has seen them earlier on.
He hopes that Hong Kong's representative can qualify for the first 3 places, bringing fame
for Hong Kong.

[Sources:, ~ Apple Daily, ~Takungpao]
[translated by Hianez]

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