Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Hacken wins 0 awards, respect the results of Chik Chak

2007 Jan 4

2006 Top Ten JSG Award will be held next Saturday (13th), Yesterday, Hacken, Yumiko, Gillian and Joey
attended the JSG 25th function. Hacken received 0 awards from Chik Chak, causing fans to be upset, Hacken says: "Fans no need to be upset, if there is any complain, please come to my forum to leave a message as a way to support."

Hacken mentioned there is no grudge between him and the station, its just that they have different point
of views, Hacken also have many friends at the station, but it does not mean that his songs will be played a lot on the station; And that night Hacken was absent because of filming, Hacken watched the award show afterwards, he was happy for all the friends who received awards. As for JSG Most Popular Male Artist, people said it is a competition between Eason and Leo Ku, Hacken laughs: "I have cold hands, ready to take on this heat! I am the black horse with great talents because I am the top selling artist, but is most popular the same as top selling." Hacken disagrees with the fight for award, he said: "No need to fight for award, it all depends on how the station determines who gets what. I admit that when there is no award I will be disappointed, I am just a normal person, but I need to be more neutral about it."

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