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Charmaine Sheh working for 40 hours non-stop

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january 19, 2007

[Singtao Daily]

Recently there is a tabloid magazine reporting about Charmaine Sheh going out with Fanny Sit's ex husband Ma Ching Wai, and that their relationship is unusual. Yesterday, the visibly tired Charmaine was filming Chinese New Year movie [Beautiful Food Goddess] admitted having a meal with Ma Ching Wai, but clarified that their relationship are just family friends. In addition, there were other people at there too. Due to the rushed filming, Hakken fell ill and suffered loss of voice but he still came to work, showing full responsibility.

The crew and cast of [Beautiful] were filming a scene at a hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui yesterday. When reporters arrived at the scene, they saw Charmaine wearing a chef uniform with mini skirt and sitting aside expressionless. It turns out that apart from filming this movie, Charmaine also have to juggle filming TVB series [Drive of Life], therefore looking weary. Charmaine says: "Though I have filmed movie and series at the same time before, but filming for this movie was extremely rushed, I even experienced filmed continuously for 40 hours, so it’s quite a hardship."

When reporters asked her about her relationship with Ma Ching Wai, she indifferently replied: "We are family friends; he is one of my mum's familiar friends. Because my mum has just returned to Hong Kong, therefore she invited a group of friends to have a dinner. My mum, Kenny Chung and other friends was there too. (Afterward, did you keep in contact, did you feel awkward when you meet?) I rarely meet him, my mum does. There won't be any awkwardness, maybe next time when we meet we will bring up this topic, and it’s all because he’s too famous!"

Yesterday, there is also another magazine that published pictures of her sitting in Ron Ng's car, implying that they're having a secret relationship and even labeling Charmaine as "Coy Sheh". Afterward, Ron explained he was just giving Charmaine a ride to the harbor, which later she took a ferry to Macau.

Hakken explained in a weak voice that he lost his voice due to illness spread by another crew member. He said: "Someone in the crew fell sick, but because of rushed filming, everyone was together all the time, in the end all the crew members fell sick! (Have you seen the doctor yet?) Yes, now I’m taking Chinese medicine."

[Additional excerpt from Oriental Daily]

Charmaine has no time for love

When asked why she hasn’t found a real boyfriend to diminish these rumors, Charmaine says: "I'm too busy! Everyday, I returned home just for a shower, I miss my bed the most." Meanwhile, Hakken lost his voice due to illness. He has seen a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and he was worried that his singing during Miss Chinese International Pageant will be affected.

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