Monday, January 8, 2007

Hacken's Chicken Soup Tears

2006 Dec 10

Article By: Lai Man Cheuk

Summary: Hacken and Emily finally married, definitely something to celebrate. Hacken can be said to be
single-minded, once he met Emily, they were together since. Can be said to be a role model for couples.
From my years of observing, it seems that celebrities who are in relationships for a long time will also
have a long lasting marriage, those who dated for a short time will have a weak marriage. I am sure that
with Hacken and Emily, they were role model boyfriend/girlfriend, they will soon be role model husband/wife.
Maybe in a few years they will also have baby, then they will can be on magazine covers for new year as the
family to be.

I remember 10+ years ago I worked on a project with TVB to film a segment on Soviet Union. I remember
Hacken was also part of the project. It was very cold there and every day we only have cold soup and cold
food. Then with much hard work, I found a place that had hot food. I remember very clearly that when
Hacken saw the Chicken Soup WonTon, he started to cry. Till this day, I still remember that picture very
clearly. Does Hacken remember?

[Sources:, ~ Mingpao ] [translated by Jane]

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