Monday, January 8, 2007

Hacken is calm about "Most Popular Male Artist" award

2006 Dec 7

After the banquet, Hacken and Emily flew out of HK, it was said they were going on their honeymoon
and for registry, but 2 days later Hacken is on JSG. He clarifies that they went to Hainan Island to
celebrate Nat Chan's birthday. Even after the banquet I am still followed by reporters, when they stop
following me, I will then go on honeymoon. Moreover, it was said that because Hacken refused to let TVB
broadcast his wedding banquet, he will not get any awards this year, but Stephen and Hacken already clarified
that this is not true. Hacken is very calm about the award.

~ HK Image Online, Orisun ]
[translated by Jane]

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