Monday, January 8, 2007

Vivian Chow Feels the stress for Hacken

2006 Dec 1

Due to the excessive downloads available, the music industry is greatly affected. Therefore RTHK
Award Ceremony have decided to decrease the number of awards, causing the singers to fight for their
awards. RTHK awards will be held on January 27th. The producer points out: " 'World Most Popular Artist
Award', in the previous years, were divided one each to male, female, and group, but this year, among the
three categories, there will only be 1 gold award. In addition, because the number of newbies is not high
the awards will be cut down to 6 awards, male, female, and group, and 3 Outstanding awards." But the
other awards will not be cut, still it is cutting over 10 awards.

Vivian Chow attended Hacken's banquet and felt the warm atmosphere. However, Vivian have no plans for
marriage at the moment because she saw all the hardwork Hacken put into preparing for this night. She
often visits Hacken at his house so she knows his parents very well.

[~ Mingpao, Oriental Daily]
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[translated by Jane]

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