Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hacken supports Elderly to participate more in Activities to Enjoy Life

August 6, 2007

Yesterday, Hacken took on the role of Ambassador for the Elderly, together with the Chairman of Po Leung Kuk, Chan Siu Bo, they were at a graduation ceremony where they presented degrees to 154 elderly. These people took part in a special programme which allowed them to experience University life and give them a chance to graduate after taking courses.

Hacken has always had a more traditional view on life and he is very filial towards the elderly. Every week, he would specifically set aside a "Family Day" to spend time with his family members. He even indicated that he took on the responsibility of having children to show his filial piety. He said, "My grandmother is already over 80 years old and has mild dementia, but I will still try to talk to her. Every year, I would also go on holiday with my parents to take a break together with them and would also play mahjong with them occassionally." Hacken also urged the young people today not to neglect the elderly.

Hacken indicated that he was also interested to take part in this project 10 years later and sign up for relevant courses. He said that he would encourage his mum and grandmother to take part in this programme so that he can see them graduate. Also, he mentioned that it was more important that the participants enjoy the learning process.

When asked if he wished to see his son graduate from a university in the future, Hacken couldn't suppress his joy, but said to wait and see how things turn out in future.
[Hmmm... is Emily having a boy?]

[translated by Gillian]
[source: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070806.htm]
[wow, hacken's very filial! good 4 him!! :) hmm..i forgot who said the baby is male, but i think that's right, their first child will be a boy! -kate]


littledragongirl said...

so.....it's a boy! Oct bebe boy?

Anonymous said...

actually, forget what i said, i'm not sure! but i think lots of ppl think it's a boy cuz of the songs on his cd....