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Malaysia fans were too passionate and didn’t want to part with Hacken – 2 Encores!!

August 3, 2007

Volume 117 ePop

Great songs from Hacken Lee.
Concert brings back past memories…
Malaysia fans were too passionate and didn’t want to part with Hacken – 2 Encores!!

“When I had concerts back in Hong Kong, I often talked more. I hope that this time round in Malaysia, I can sing more than talk.” Hacken said, and the audience applauded him, showing their support.

When Hacken sang 合久必婚 "Marriage after being together for long", all of the audience clapped to the rhythm. No doubt that this is the song that fans love to sing. This brought back the 90's feelings of TVB dramas.

On the song 情比纸薄 "Feelings thinner than paper", he said that he likes the song very much though it’s not a hit. He will choose to sing it in big events. This song is composed by Ivana Wong who appeared as guest for Hacken’s concert that night. Both of them finally had the chance to perform this song together on stage!

As Ivana has a childlike voice, Hacken could not stop himself from imitating her and said “I don’t know why but every time I work with you, I will speak more gentlemanly. Every time I release an album, you must compose a song for me!” Every one started laughing!

Hacken said that he had worked with many female artistes throughout his career and had sang quite a lot of drama themes. When he sang several familiar songs, the big screens on both sides showed his scenes from TVB dramas that he acted in. Looking at past images of him, everyone reminisces about those times.

Hacken is one of the singers who is punctual! The concert started exactly at 8pm while there were some audience members who had just entered!

His flashy costumes made him looked like a star on stage! He changed 4 to 5 costumes, but the attention was placed on the costume which shined most.

When a fan handed him flowers from below, she called him handsome. Hacken said “Of course!” And the audience prompted him to kiss the fan! Hacken, who wanted to avoid embarrassment, quickly turned to his wits and said “Have you all asked her if she wants to?”

Whenever fans dedicate comments from below, Hacken accepted them sincerely with thanks. He is considered as one of the overseas singers who received the most flowers during his concerts! Hacken, on joking to his fans, asked if she opens a floral shop or funeral shop. That is how creative Hacken is when it comes to speech.
Hacken says “Every time when I hold a concert fans would request through the internet or blogs on what songs they hope to hear. Some want to hear new songs, as they’ve heard too many older songs; some want to hear older songs as they are classics. Hence, this time I picked old, not so old and new songs. If fans don’t leave, I’ll continue to sing!”

As Hacken went backstage to rest and prepare, Ivana Wong performed "I’m really hurt", a song which she composed for Jacky Cheung and "Mask". When her natural voice came out, the audience focused on her. They were all touched by her clear voice.

Hacken’s Concert Hall series were one of the high peaks in his career. Hence, he invited a violinist from Japan to perform while he sang. Later on, songs like "Moonlight Melody", "Love Not In Seoul" and "Woman Before Marriage" had the Erhu and violin playing as music accompaniment. Together with Hacken’s clear voice, it was like an international performance!

As fans urged for an encore, Hacken emerged from the crowd all of a sudden and sang "Thinking of you always". The audience was very happy and kept going towards where he was – to have a closer look at the idol and shake his hand! As it was quite messy, Hacken could only be seen singing and talking among the crowd, saying “Let me pass!” At the end, to satisfy fans, he chose to sang "Goodbye My School" in the centre area below the stage.

A fortunate male fan was selected by Hacken to come on stage and sing "Old Flame Like A Dream". As this song wasn’t one of the earlier selected pieces, Hacken said he was worried that he would forget the lyrics as he hasn’t sang it for a long time! Hacken taught the fan by the surname of Lin to twist left and right. When the actual time came for them to perform, it turned out to be quite comical.

At the very end, he sang the very popular song,"Red Day". He taught the audience how to clap to the rhythm and everyone stood up. It was a very touching sight. A concert which should have ended, but fans were unwilling to part. They kept shouting “Encore” and this touched Hacken, who came out to perform again. To him, it’s something happy and unforgettable, just like receiving an award!

[source: http://www.leehacken.com/magazines/2007/20070803_ePop_117.html
NOTE: Michelle has sent the news for us from Malaysia so that fans in HK can share the unforgettable night together. Many thanks!-leehacken.com Admin]
[translated by: Hianez, edited by Kate]


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情比纸薄 "Feelings thinner than paper", i like this songs very much too!!!

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this concert was a blast!! what an unforgettable concert!