Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Johnnie Walker China Tour’s guest Hacken Lee talks about the Olympics

August 11, 2007

On August 10, Hacken Lee, together with various artistes performed for the Johnnie Walker show and created high tides for the crowd. Hacken instructed over 200 dancers with his vocals and within 3 minutes, they were able to form a complicated pattern which looked like the spirit of Johnnie Walker (a brand of Scotch Whisky) – Keep Walking. After the event, Hacken was interviewed by Sina and expressed his hopes for the Beijing Olympics Games 2008 as well.

“In actual fact, attending this performance is a challenge. Hong Kong’s still having a typhoon and driving towards here was scary. To me, the challenge is to Keep Walking. When I began my singing career more than 10 years ago, I hosted and acted as well. I kept challenging myself, and kept walking on.”

“This performance is significant to me as well. 2 days ago, I attended the countdown at Tiananmen. After that, I performed at Bai Yun Airport and I felt emotional. As for the 2008 Olympics, I’m looking forward to it myself. The 2008 Olympics is something major to every Chinese citizen. Back in 1996, I went to Atlanta for the Olympics and hosted the show together with Andy Lau. Every time I saw that China received Gold, I felt passionate and almost cried. This is unforgettable. I hope that the 2008 Olympics will arouse these feelings again.”

[Sources: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070811.html,Sina Web – Beijing]
[translated by Hianez]

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