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Fans refuse to leave, Hacken has 2 encores

[source: Hacken Lee @ blogger, posted by gonzo
Beauty and riches

Emily is resting in HK, and without his wife watching, Hacken was free with his words, even teasing a sexily dressed female fan!

At this concert in Malaysia, Hacken has received many flowers and each time he would personally walk off the stage to accept flowers given to him by fans. Even when female fans used flowers as an excuse to get an autograph, he would gladly oblige.

Halfway through the concert, he had sharp eyes and spotted a female fan wearing a backless dress and joked "Wow, how sexy!" and teased the fan until she was ecstatic. Also, a fan gave him an entire bag of red packets, it really was a night of beauty and riches!

Yelling at security

Hacken overcame all the odds to walk off the stage and get closer to the fans. Fans rushed up at him and he yelled out "Leave me some room to walk, alright?". When security and fans all pushed at one another, even mild-tempered him couldn't resist and had to call out "Don't push me!"

But because his path was blocked off by people, he could only stand in the crowd and continue singing. And then braving the crowd, he insistently returned back on stage. Luckily his costume at the time was in the style of a sports tracksuit, preventing any injuries to his body or skin. But after getting back on stage, he was thoroughly drenched in sweat and couldn't stop breathing heavily!

Fatherly love

Almost to be a father, Hacken revealed his loving father image! Ivana Wong and he performed 情比紙薄 (love thinner than paper) and then made fun of the way Ivana spoke, using a gentle voice like talking to kids. It seems that he will make a great father. And then, when fans called out "Hacken daddy", he pretended to not hear properly!

2 encores

In the past, Hacken has held "Left Alan Right Hacken" concerts in Malaysia with Principal Alan Tam but has never had a solo concert. And so, on stage he asked "Yeah, why is it that it's been so long and I haven't been here to hold a concert?". Therefore, this time in Malaysia, he gave his fans both old and new songs alike.

At 10:20pm, the first encore came to a close. But after the audience yelled "encore" for 2 or 3 minutes, Hacken finally emerged and copied Emil Chow, yelling out "Welcome to Hacken Lee's concert!" and made the atmosphere even more high!

And so, when the concert officially ended at 10:55pm, there were still about two thirds of the audience who didn't want to leave. And so at 11pm, Hacken had to step back on stage again and said "This has made me very happy!" and then sang for everyone 誰願分手 (who willingly wants to break up) and 破曉時分, both of which weren't in the original program. Finally this allowed the fans to leave completely satisfied!

Laughing at fans

紅日 (red day) made the entire audience applaud and stamp their feet, the sound erupting through Genting!

Before commencing his singing, Hacken patiently taught everyone how to applaud and stamp their feet. All 6000 people present cooperated together and the lively performance was enough to amaze anyone!

At the same time, Hacken picked out a well-built male fan to join him onstage to dance to 舊歡如夢 (old loves like a dream). But because the fan performed the wrong dance steps and confused the directions he told Hacken "Tonight you're very successful... because you invited me onstage." making Hacken unable to laugh or cry. Being sharp-tongued, he returned "Do you drive a car? You need to be careful, because your sense of direction is not too good!"

沒 有你贏了世界又如何+夏日之神話+護花使者+球迷奇遇記+未成年同盟會、合久未婚、My Shirley、一生不變、高妹、一生不愛別人、希望、愛不釋手、情比紙薄(王苑之合唱)、我真的受傷了、面具(王苑之);飛花、心計、花落誰家、為你鍾 情、浪子心聲、似夢迷離、倩影、喝彩、深深深、我不會唱歌、月半小夜曲、情非首爾、婚前的女人、天水‧圍城、Victory、一生想你、告別校園時、只想 你會意、回首、大會堂演奏廳;(安哥I)愛可以問誰、舊歡如夢、紅日;(安哥II)誰願分手、破曉時分

Looking up with sore necks

As Hacken was singing on stage, the reporters present were not organised into good seats and so they could not even see a screeen. The reporters had to lift their heads to see and when the concert finished every reporter had a sore neck. The reporters had approached the organiser, but the workers only cooly said "Ok, what is there to complain? Come, come... we're all working for someone, why make things hard for us?"


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