Friday, February 16, 2007

Hacken goes to Gambling City in New Year to make money

February 11, 2007

Yesterday, Hacken, Janice and Kevin Kwan attended the "Let's build a better quality building" event (I hope I translated it right).

In the Chinese New Year, Hacken will be going overseas to make money. He will be performing on stage at Las Vegas, along with Dou Long and Lau Yek Ying. There will be a show on 3rd day of the Chinese New Year and he will be back in Hong Kong on the 7th or 8th to watch the Wynner's concert. When asked if he will take his family with him overseas, Hacken said that at most he will take his wife. He also says that he prefers to spend Chinese New Years in Hong Kong.

This is the first New Years, that Hacken will have to give out red packets since he's married and even though he will not be back in Hong Kong until the 7th or 8th of the New Year, he will still hand them out regardless. He doesn't mind as he has been handing them out before he was married anyway and will not, because of the rises and falls of the Hong Kong economy, give more or less.

Every year Hacken invites his colleagues to his place to celebrate. Once, he invited them to his new house and unfortunately Shawn Yue got so drunk he threw up all over the floor. When asked if Hacken got Shawn drunk, Hacken replied "No it wasn't me, it was Emme Wong.".

Not afraid of management changes within Univeral Music Group

Talking about the management changes within Universal Music Group and its effects, Hacken indicates that its effects are unknown as of yet. "I've been through a lot of changes, even through changing bosses. But this time it's just switching a few people around so it's not that big a deal. Many of my colleagues have worked together before. The year that I went from Polygram to Star was a really big change, yet everyone stil got past it. I've decided to continue with Universal, there's just a few more things to sort out."

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