Friday, February 23, 2007

Kelly Chen can’t forget receiving Red Packets (laisee) during Hacken’s Concert

2007 Feb 23

Kelly Chen Wai Lum looks forward to Chinese New Year every year as she gets the chance to rest for at least one week during this period so that she can re-charge; this year is no exception. This year however, Kelly decides to stay in Hong Kong and enjoy Chinese New Year with her family. Kelly said ‘After entering the industry, I have been going on a holiday almost every year during this period. However, this year, I wanted to spend more time with my family members. On the first day, I went to my grandmother’s house to offer my greetings. Every time we do it, we would have to kneel on the floor and kowtow (traditional way of sending Chinese New Year wishes). After that, all the grandchildren would drink red date and lotus seed tea. In addition, there will also be red packets (laisee) to collect!

On the topic of laisee, Kelly divulged that the largest amount she ever received in a single red packet was $10,000 – given to her by her mum as Kelly bought a lot of presents for her mum that year. As for the most unforgettable experience, Kelly said that it was last year when she was a guest performer at Hacken’s solo concert. She collected a few hundred red packets. After she had finished singing, she still had not collected a lot of red packets, thus, Hacken asked her to continue collecting them while he carried on singing. It was pretty funny.

[translated by Gillian]


[wow, kelly got a few 100 packets!! hacken is so funny, letting her keep collecting while he sings!! -kate]

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