Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prosperity for Pig Year from Hacken, Andy and Eason

February 18, 2007

[Oriental Daily 18/02/07]

Prosperity for Pig Year from Hacken, Andy and Eason

Andy Lau, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee are the leaders in the music industry and on this the first day of the new year,they hold up the lion heads to greet everyone and hope that all your wishes come true! The now married Hacken and Eason pull in the early fortunes as they each present Andy with their lucky packets!

Andy, Eason and Hacken are well at ease with a microphone, but they are equally fine with the heavy lion heads, with Andy leading the dance and directing Hacken and Eason how to give the greatest poses.

Afterwards, Hacken and Eason then turn into the "Most Popular Fortune Gods" as they present Andy with some lucky packets. Andy greets Hacken: "I hope that your firstborn will be a son and have a mini-Hacken that has the looks and brains of Emily." Then he greets Eason: "I hope that you will continue to shine brightly and warmly along your musical path." Eason and Hacken then greeted Andy in return: "Find a wife soon and have kids, then you can hand out lucky packets too!" With the three men full of warm greetings for each other, it looks like this will be a prosperous year all round!

[sources: Em's TVBSpace News Roundup: http://tvbspace.blogspot.com/, http://orientaldaily.on.cc/ent/ent_a01cnt.html ] [translated by Em]

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