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Hacken finds it difficult to film movies where his 'pants' fall off

February 15, 2007

Before the premiere of "Beautiful Cooking" stars celebrated with a traditional Chinese New Year celebration, where boss Wong Jing distributed many red packets as prizes. Amongst those present were Hacken, Yuan Chau, Tat Ming, Zhou Chung, Lau Yeung, etc. Everyone waited for Charmaine to come from the TVB CNY dinner before events started, with the game making 'tong yuen' (glutinous rice balls) competition with new actor Lau Yeung. Hacken, Yuen Chau and Zhou Sheng were asked to judge the competition, but they were busy trying out the sharks fin and asked for a break for them to finish the sharks fin before they went on stage.

The Yumiko Incident

The movie will premiere on March 8th, which is also International Women's Day. Male lead Hacken said that the most lasting impression from this movie, apart from his strange wig, is that it's his first time where his pants fell off on the silver screen. Initially when he saw the script he couldn't bring himself to do the scene - however, he then realized that as an actor he shouldn't have any burdens about this, so he decided to lock away his "idol singer persona" for this movie.

The scene where Hacken's pants fall off talks of Hacken falling from the balcony to the street, with Charmaine grabbing his legs in midair trying to save him, but pulling off his pants in the process. This scene is very similar to Yumiko's accident (at the TVB charity show), to which he replied: "There is no relation between what's in the script and what happened to her". Yumiko, who didn't appear last night, is also in this movie, but Hacken said that he hadn't talked about this scene with her.

In order to avoid unnecessary exposure, Hacken took all precautions before hand, wearing two pairs of underwear as well as boxer shorts. When it came time to film the scene, staff on the set also gave him two pairs of boxer shorts, so when audiences see this scene, he's in fact wearing five pairs of underwear! However he is still slightly embarassed: at the end of the day, he's still an introvert.

He said: "I'm not filming a martial arts film, I don't know why everytime I film a movie there's always a "wire" scene! That scene took an entire night to film, and my pants had to keep falling off, the feeling was very strange and not comfortable, the only time that would normally happen is if i've got food poisoning! (Was Charmaine uncomfortable with the scene?) I don't think she was, and it's easier just to not talk about it! Actually, it wasn't that bad, I was wearing so many layers of underwear."

Topic then changed to filming when crew cleared a street in Mong Kok to film a scene, to which Hacken said he hasn't had a chance to walk the streets of Mong Kok so happily, and that this was a test for them. He said that there wasn't a single incident where they were "asked after" (sworn at) on the street, indicating people were aware who they were and this made him happy. The unhappiest thing for him during the entire filming was that he became ill, and even today he still has a slight cough.

Unsure if he's hosting "Minutes to Fame"

Later, reporters asked if Hacken would continue to host "Minutes to Fame", and he replied honestly that he didn't know. Hacken said that if fate let him do it, he would do it, but at the moment TVB was still considering its options. Perhaps TVB has many hosts in mind, and he was only one of the potential choices. Regarding the rumors that TVB would only choose either him or Joey Leung and not both of them, Hacken once again indicated that he had no idea. Hacken stated that it is like the initial Minutes to Fame series: initially, he didn't have time to host, but at the end he found he could do it, and both him and Joey ended up "picking up the job" after someone else.

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