Thursday, February 1, 2007

Total awards list 2006

[picture of awards Hacken has won from]

Hacken won 10 awards from the top 4 radio stations' awards shows. Less than last year, in which he won about 14 or 15 awards.

JSG 1st Quarter 2006:

-Top 12 Gold Songs: Woman Before Marriage


2006 Ming Pao Weekly 38th Annual Show Business Driving Force Award:

-Most Outstanding Album: Concert Hall
[edit: forgot this one!]
"9+2 Music Charts" Music Awards
-Best Albums: Concert Hall

Metro Radio Hits Awards

-Most Explosive (popular) Songs: Woman Before Marriage
-Most Explosive (popular) Songs: City Surrounded by Heaven and Water (tin sui wai sing)
-Most Original Commercial Songs: I'm wearing Number 10
-Album of the Year: Concert Hall II
-[edit]: Most Creative Marketing: Concert Hall I & II
-Asian Singer Award (tied with Andy Lau)

[thanks to Hianez for posting & translating the results!]

JSG Top Ten Awards Show 2006

-Top 10 Gold Songs: City Surrounded by Heaven and Water

RTHK Awards:

- Top 10 Outstanding Singers Award
- Top 10 Gold Songs: City Surrounded by Heaven and Water
- Best-selling Male Singer



-SINA MUSIC AWARDS 2006, Best International Male Singer
[He lost to Aaron Kwok in the LAST 2 HOURS of online voting when Aaron's votes suddenly shot up at an impossible rate!]

-SOME awards at Chik Chak (CRHK Awards) and Roadshow!

-SOME awards at the JSG 2nd and 3rd quarter
(He couldn't show up to those awards shows.)

(testing something, excuse me....)


Minna said...

Congratulations to Hacken!!!
Although he won less awards than last year, his album, Concert Hall I & II is the best selling album and he got that award. I feel that he has accomplished many things this year and received one of the best awards "Best Selling Singer." That is a big award and hard to get! Definitely need a lot of hard work. Hope he'll rock n roll this year!

kate said...

i agree!!
and i hope so, too.
in 2007, hacken will make a comeback again!!! =)