Friday, February 16, 2007

Lady Iron Chef CNY dinner

February 15, 2007(Picture: Hacken and Zhou Chung watch Charmaine cook dumplings)

In the movie Lady Iron Chef is a scene where male lead Hacken's pants fall off. When asked about the scene, female lead Charmaine replied that she didn't see anything, and it was Hacken that was in danger, having to do wire scenes for a whole night. When asked if she would try for Best Actress (movies) award after winning Best TV Actress, she stated: "this is a very long way away. I hope to film more movies because they're heaps of fun, especially the atmosphere when filming comedies."

(I'm not translating the rest as it's not relevant to Hacken...that and the fact i've got to rush to work now! But the rest of the article was just about Charmaine =])

[sources:,] [translated by Niyiaw]

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