Friday, July 27, 2007

Stephen fuels baby rumors; Hacken tries to help Joey Leung

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July 22, 2007

Hacken Lee and Nancy Sit yesterday appeared at TVB executive Stephen Chan's "Chi Wun Fan Guk" (Be My Guest) book signing. Before the interview, Stephen Chan was asked how he chose guests to invite on his show. He explained: "Guests i invite need to be good-looking, have great wives, have children, not have affairs, nor loved someone who was already in a relationship". To this baby comment, Hacken could only smile forcedly next to Stephen.

Hacken said that Stephen Chan was extremely good at asking questions, often guiding his guests from one answer to the next, until all their heartfelt thoughts were said. "Since Stephen became the host of Be My Guest, he has set a standard for becoming a host in TVB. Earlier, TVB asked me to host a game show (Minutes to fame) - I said I couldn't, I better wait for Be my guest to finish before I think about it."

Hacken suggested that Stephen invite Joey Leung to be a guest, saying: "I know Joey doesn't like talking about everythiing he thinks of, but I believe each event should have an ending. I think viewers would also be very interested in his life in the past two years. The gossip and news out there is very unfair to him, and he could use this chance to straighten the record."

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