Friday, July 27, 2007

Hacken refutes rumors of fighting with his wife

[source: Hacken Lee @ blogger, posted by
Some reports suggested that Emily has been very easily provoked due to her pregnancy, and had taken her car for a drive to calm down. Hacken yesterday said: "We're not fighting! The house is currently being renovated so she went out to avoid the renovations, and her temper has not changed!"

As for Edison Chen telling fans on his blog to attack the papparazzi, Hacken said: "Maybe Edison was joking! Anyway, each person has a right to his own thoughts, and each artiste deals with things differently. For example my house is being renovated and media writes that I'm having a fight with Emily - it's best if artistes and papparazi each back away a step. Hacken said that Emily didn't want to be photographed in Macau, so he didn't go to watch his beloved Man U compete.


[i actually like edison, some of his music/movies R pretty good. and i like how he always says what's on his mind, though it may offend ppl/get him in trouble...but he does have a problem with controlling his anger sometimes. haha. um...he was not kidding, but he didn't actually ask his fans to beat up these 2 reporters. he kinda explains/apologizes at his blog, if any1 is curious what he said, go here (he wrote in eng., mostly): -kate]

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littledragongirl said...

Hacken and Emily been together for so long. How can they have fight. People just making them up. Sometime when a lady have baby true that they have a little temper maybe before of the reporter been bother them too much and have not time to rest for Emily. Support you forever Hacken.