Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hacken sings while being drenched in the rain

July 3, 2007

Hacken Lee and Hins Cheung attend function

Hacken Lee, Gigi Leung, Hins Cheung, and various artistes attended a function to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hong Kong special district. The weather remained fine till one of the highlights of the programme: Hacken Lee’s performance. It then started to rain. At first, nobody thought of handing him an umbrella. Hence, he sang more than half of a song in the rain. When Hacken saw the crew coming on stage with an umbrella, he did not hesitate. Though the situation was quite awkward, with his professionalism, Hacken continued to perform while holding on to an umbrella. He also expressed that as long as the audience remains dry, he has quite a good “Feel” singing in the rain.

Both Hacken and Andy were popular among the audience. When they sang, the audiences cheered and waved their little flags continuously, it was a grand scene. Both of them led the other artistes to sing "You’re Still with Hong Kong". When it was Hacken’s turn to perform, 50 dancers were with him.

Hacken had the great honour to be able to meet up with singers from Mainland, China, and claims to be able to bring good weather. He went barefoot twice during the rehearsal and has confidence that good weather will come after the rain as it did not rain when he held concerts with Alan Tam in China.

~ Tungstar, Mingpao, Singpao,]
[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

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