Friday, July 27, 2007

Hacken doesn't like people being late

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Yesterday Hacken appeared at an opening for a watch store, along with models Eunis Chan, Lisa S., Ana R, etc.

Hacken expressed that he likes wearing watches to match his clothes, and he felt that a watch was very important to a man to remind him to be punctual. He believes in 90% punctuality, and is only late very rarely. He confessed he hates people being late, and once was led to exploding in anger due to someone being late. However, now he will do his own job, leaving people to make up for their own lateness. When asked if he was talking about good friend Eric Tsang who was constantly late, he replied that many of his friends would be late, but he wouldn't point out any in particular.

In the past he has given watches to his mother, wife, and Alan Tam during their "Left Alan Right Hacken" concert series, where they happily exchanged gifts of watches, hoping they would treasure each minute. When asked if he would buy brand name watches, he said that he controlled himself - his most expensive would be $10,000. However, he confessed he has recently bought a 110 inch screen projector that cost 6 figures, making it like a mini-cinema.

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