Thursday, July 26, 2007

Emily's pregnancy is confirmed

July 21, 2007

Hacken uses a song to talk about the baby

Since April it was said that Emily is pregnant, but the couple never officially admitted to the news. In fact, Hacken played (joked) around and said that if his wife is pregnant the first person to know would be Alan. And thus, Alan was chased around for a few days after this news. But in Hacken's recent release of his new album, there is a song "Baby" ("Little Treasure") that was written by himself, expressing the feelings of a father.

On July 5th, I saw Emily at the airport wearing a loose shirt, it was apparent that her stomach is bigger, but even when pregnant, her movement was quite fast. She saw the reporters and quickly went into the prohibited area and Hacken and his staff enters the gate. It was said that during pregnancy, Emily would have to stay at home to be safe, but on July 12th, Hacken and Emily were spotted again, eating Thai food.

Beating the reporters, leaving the house early

"Often times we are at the airport together-- if I have a job elsewhere, Emily always accompanies me. Besides, we always go out too, it's just that the reporters were unable to take pictures. We always beat the reporters by going out earlier than they do and then beat them coming home late at night. Like the people in Prison Break."
Always wishing to become a father before age 40, it can be said that Hacken's wish has come true, but why does he refuse to talk about it. "Actually when I openly announced my marriage, I did not think about it fully, not knowing the result. If I did think about it, I would not openly announce it. But since I did, everything following it, I will say less or none because I don't want people to say that I am using my personal life as a selling point for my albums. I think I do not need to talk about every detail in my personal life.

Hard to hide Happiness

Although it is hard to get a confirmation from Hacken, it is a fact that in Hacken's recent album, the song "Baby" is a song written by himself in dedication to his baby.
When asked about this, Hacken teases and says he wrote two words, when the album is released, go buy one and listen to see, it may not be what you think. "But regardless, in the future we will take things as they come. When we first thought about marriage, we really didn't know what to do.. so we just take it a step at a time. Nowadays teaching kids is not the same as my years, when my dad taught me. Must use a different method."

Still missing one wish

Hacken received "Most Popular Male Artist" for three years now, becoming a father before age 40, it can be said that all his wishes have come true, but Hacken firmly says that there is still one wish.
"I cannot argue that my current status is very satisfying. I am very happy with where I am right now. I am not a greedy person, I don't need no million dollar home. I have enough money, I am very happy each day, but what I want most is to have a song that will be a big hit throughout China. "Red Day" is a hit song, but it is a Cantonese song, I want a hit song that is in Mandarin.
Though Hacken says he is not materialistic, but it is often reported that he shops at LV and Chanel.
Hacken replies "I like to buy LV products because it is durable, as for the Chanel diamond, I actually only bought an earring for myself, I'm really not materialistic."
A tv commercial mentions that to raise a child requires 4 million dollars, but of course Hacken will give his child the best-- he may exceed the 4 million dollars. Hacken says that how many children he will have, he doesn't know, so he definitely can not be materialistic.

[Sources:, ~ Ming Pao]
[translated by Jane, edited by Kate]
[actually, no1 has said that hacken uses his personal life to get more popular, i think?
but it's good that he can still keep his personal life somewhat secretive. ah, so that's his wish now? hope it will come true!! -kate]

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I hope his wish will come true, too! Im sure this will be all of hacken's fan's wish too! i hope he will have both a canto and mando popular song.