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Hacken finally admits that his wife is pregnant

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At the press conference release of his new album, My Cup Of tea, Hacken finally admitted wife Emily Lo is pregnant, and said that his new song "Little treasure" is a present to his baby. The lyrics include the line: "Little treasure is soon to be born, i long for the day you call me dad, i'll teach you how to kick a ball, sing..." expressing the anticipation in becoming a father. Hacken said that he wrote the song in one night as a present.

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At his press conference for new album My Cup Of Tea, Hacken finally admitted wife Emily Lo's pregnancy, and the song "Little Treasure" on the album was for the baby! The lyrics were written by Hacken as a present, and the lyrics describe how excited he is to be a father.

Yesterday his record company spent HK150,000 to hold a press conference at cyber port in HK. Hacken agreed to take photos next to a baby pram, and further expressed that "Little Treasure" was written two months ago. He was asked if that meant Emily was 4, 5 months pregnant, and when he would be a father? Hacken replied: "Sometimes things don't have to be stated explicitly, the song has already showed my feelings, I don't want to say too much else, but this song won't be a song that we will plug". Reporters asked what Emily thought of the song? Hacken replied the song was more like a children's song, and that Emily had already heard the whole album.

As for the baby's birth, would Hacken be like Lee Ka Shing and Cathy Tsui and give out photos to the media? Hacken said that he wished them well, but he wouldn't give out photos. He said that he had said all he wanted to say, and asked media to seperate business (his album launch) and his private life. He felt very happy at the moment. Yesterday his company also gave him a gold cup to congratulate Hacken, as the pre-orders of his new album had already exceeded HK20,000!!

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