Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hacken’s new song plays for over a million times

July 4, 2007

Hacken talks about baby and pampers

Hacken Lee appeared as the Ambassador for the environment yesterday for a function to promote recycling. He says that recycling is to create a sustainable environment for the next generation. “It’s not only the next generation; it’s also for the next. I feel that the most important thing is not to waste food and energy.” He feels that though the second generation may not be very much affected, the problem should not be ignored. The weather these days are strange, and Hacken who has a sensitive nose, will have his condition further aggravated when the weather turns bad. To him, his vocals are important and hence environmental problems should not be ignored.

He also feels that promoting the idea of using less plastic bags is not enough; the most important thing is to use less resources. Rumoured that his wife is pregnant, he was asked if he will choose to use pampers or towels (I don’t know the exact term that people use to describe the triangular type of towel that is used to wrap a baby’s bottom, those that you can recycle, so I just refer to it as towel…pampers is the type we get from supermarkets – which we throw after use!). He said, “Let’s not talk about people. When it comes to clearing dog
faeces, we use toilet paper. Using the towel would be best! (I think he means using it on the dog here)” So, is he gonna use it for his baby? “I will talk about it when I face the problem!”

Will he make preparations? He expressed his thanks, and did not wish to continue on the topic.

[Sources:, ~Mingpao, Taiyang Pao, Apple Daily]
[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]
[i think Hianez means diapers made of fabric....fabric diapers?
In recent news, they said: "His new song will be played in 11 malls, at the count of 5 times every hour. In 20 days, it will be played 1 million and 7 thousand times." That's probably why the title is "Hacken’s new song plays for over a million times." WHOA! i hope ppl don't get tired of hearing the song all the time!! haha. -kate]

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