Friday, July 27, 2007

Hacken's new CD, "My cup of tea"

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July 23, 2007

Hacken's new album "My Cup Of Tea" is being released tomorrow, with a tracklisting of 11 songs, including "The Drive of Life" themesong.

Hacken expressed that in making this album, he didn't want to follow the style of his previous two Concert Hall albums, so he chose a new style, cooperating with musicians he hadn't worked with before. The reason his song has an "unplugged" feeling is because he wanted to change the way his voice came across in music. He also changed from recording at night to recording in the morning, and sat down to sing instead of standing up, to hold back his "daan tin", resulting in a softer, fragile sound.

In his album, fans can choose layers of instruments or even Hacken's voice to put together. This gives them the choice of putting together different instruments from the same track, to give it a diffferent feel.

Soon-to-be-father Hacken seems to have a way with kids. Earlier, Hacken was doing a photo shoot for his new CD "My Cup Of Tea", when a child actor was being naughty and ran and jumped around the red wine collection in the high-class restaurant. Hacken immediately took the child actor aside and played with him to maintain peace, impressing other staff!


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