Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Joey Leung leaks news, Hacken's expression darkens

[source: hacken lee @ blogger, posted by gonzo]

Friday, June 28, 2007

Hacken arrived in Malaysia for his concert promotion and any questions regarding "wife Emily" weren't allowed. His face became expressionless at any mention.

Last week, ex-partner Joey Leung was in Malaysia for Minutes to Fame and at some point had leaked that Hacken was soon to become a father. Reporters asked Hacken about this and he only replied "This isn't the time to talk" and implied that Joey was doing well in Malaysia and shouldn't be spilling anything on Hacken to the press!

"I've heard that Joey has been doing very well in Malaysia, I'm happy for him. I've always told him that it's good to go to different places to do things and I've found that his Chinese is becoming better and better. I wish him luck in progressing further in Malaysia."

When asked if Emily will support him in his Genting concert on July 28, he replied "As for this question, umm... let's just finish the questions about the concert first!" The MC by his side kept helping him to fend off the reporters, saying that this question would need to be answer by the concert manager.

When talking about the concert, Hacken had a lot to say. He said that this would be the first time he's held a concert in Malaysia and to accommodate all the age differences and levels of fans, he has decided that the concert will concentrate on singing. Apart from his own old and new songs, there will be songs that he used to listen to as a student and other classics. There should be over 40 songs.

"The most special part is that I will not speak much. There will be a 20 minute medley. Of course I won't be able to play and sing, but there will be a part for the Concert Hall series songs. There won't be much spectacular dancing, but that you all already know. Normal dancing of course there will be, but nothing like Madonna. As for wearing less and less as I sing, unfortunately I don't have the assets. The most important thing is that I hope this concert will be like a fan gathering, the fans can pick the song and I can sing."

As well, this time he's invited Ivana Wong as a guest performer. He said that before he had performed with her in America/Canada singing Air Supply's songs. This time there will be plans for a new idea. After saying that, Hacken joked about Ivana's soft and light voice even when talking.

He revealed that in his new upcoming album, the songs have a more unplugged feel and that in Genting he would sing some of these new songs. As for movies, if time permits, then he might film but at the moment the most important things are the concert and the new album. Next year in February, he will be holding a solo concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

As for when Left Alan Right Hacken will reform? "First, I need to finish all the work I have on my hands, before I know if I can work with Alan. Maybe in 2009 or 2010, though of course this is just what I think for now. I'm sure that Alan would want to do another Left Alan Right Hacken concert as well."

After the press conference, Hacken appeared at the concert promotion and saw his employers (the fans that were present) and his smiled much more for them than he did for the reporters. He was half an hour late, and only spoke for 2 minutes before hurriely signing autographes for the 100 selected fans. Even with his own fan club yelling at him to sing "Never chaning in a lifetiem", Hacken told fans to wait another month, giving off a "big brother" feel.


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