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Hacken and a Thousand Others Hit Drums to Celebrate Hongkong's Reunification

June 29, 2007

To celebrate the ten years anniversary of the Hongkong-China Reunification, a concert will be held at the Hong Kong Colosseum on Saturday. Yesterday, there were rehearsals for the concert and several artistes were present including Hacken, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Hins Cheung and Twins.

On that day, Hacken will lead about 10,000 youths in a drumming display. He will also sing "Red Sun" (Hong Yat) and "Descendents of the Dragon" (Long De Chuan Ren). Hacken indicates that this will be the first time ever that he will be cooperating with so many people and this does lead to problems with the coordination. There is also the difficulty with hearing his voice above all the drumming sound. However, it is also a ground breaking and majestic display. Also, the organisers will also apply to include this feat in the World Guinness Records. Thus, Hacken has to rehearse the drumming with the people involved.

Hacken has just returned from Malaysia where hs had a press conference regarding his concert held in Genting at the end of July.

When asked why Hacken is still leaving Hong Kong so regularly during this period (I guess indicating that he should be spending more time with Emily), he replied that he needs to earn a living.

When talking about the autograph session he held, he said it gave him a fright! According to Hacken, during the autograph session, there was a fan who fainted after passing him the CD to him for his signature. Hacken said "Luckily the fan was okay. But I really got frightened to death by him" (This is a cantonese/chinese saying meaning that he really had a huge shock). Hacken recalled that ten years ago, there was also a similar incident that occurred. That year, he was in ipoh (another Malaysian state) having an event. As the weather that day was very hot, some fans who were waiting for very long could not take the heat and fainted. Hacken even joked that he thought it was because he was too attractive and irresistable - and that fans would faint when they saw him.

There were reports that many singers are hoping to be able to get dates (for the venue) to hold their concerts at the Hong Kong Colosseum before it undergoes renovation and Hacken is one of those singers. Hacken revealed that he has successfully managed to get the Lunar New Year slot for his concert and his manager told him that he beat 9 other singers to the slot. As to who were the 9 singers whom he won, Hacken smiled and said he did not know.

- side news from only one newspaper-
There were reports in Malaysia saying that Joey Leung had confirmed the news of Emily's pregnancy to the media and this led to Hacken being unhappy. During Hacken reply, he wished Joey all the best in his development in Malaysia. However, Hacken's wishes seemed as though he is being sarcastic to Joey whose career in Hong Kong has hit rock bottom. (Ok... I think this paper is being a little mean to Hacken. Kinda like putting words in the horses mouth. I think Hacken was just trying to deflect the question be talking about Joey's forays into other countries and not so much as to make a jib at him. Afterall, they are pretty close friends.)

[Sources: Mingpao, East Weekly, Sun Daily, Apple Daily, Tai Kong Pao,
[translated by Gillian]
[wow, hacken gets to be in the
World Guinness Record book!! awesome!
and i'm happy he was able 2 get a time slot for his concert during lunar new year, again! =P
yes, i agree, hacken wasn't making fun of joey! -kate]

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