Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hacken Wears Tee with 10 on it to Join in the Celebrations

July 1, 2007

Joey wears read to join in the Celebrations, Hacken wears Tee with 10 on it. Male and Females compete to celebrate Hongkong's Reunification Anniversary

It has been 10 years since Hong Kong reunified with China and there was a concert at the Hong Kong Colosseum "Dragon, Drums and Dance - Ten Thousand Youth Concert". Performers include Alan Tam, Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, Joey Yung, Hacken, Twins, Hins Cheung and Malaysian singer, Gary Cao.

The performers put much effort into their appearance that night as they celebrated the occasion in a grand manner.

Joey and Kelly wore the grandest outfit with Joey in a fire red Moschino bareback dress with a 'lantern skirt' with a pair of 4 inch heels. Kelly wore a beige Dolce and Gabbana dress. However, the performer with the most unique outfit was Hacken. A simple red t-shirt with '1997 - 2006' and the words 'Hong Kong' and the number 10 printed on both shoulders, symbolising the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's reunification with China.

During this performance, Hacken was given the chance to set Guinness World record by performing on the drums with ten thousand youths and it has been successfully completed. He indicated he was both excited and nervous about the performance and he was glad it was completed smoothly.

Hacken will be representing the Celebrity Soccer Team in the 'Reunification Cup Competition', but he would have to rush to Shenzhen to perform at a reunification celebration in the afternoon. He confessed that he would be late and joked that he would 'borrow Alan's name and apply to be late'. (Not too sure what the translation of this would be, but I'm guessing that people will give Alan 'face' and not blame him for being late.) Also, Hacken said that he had not exercised for about 2 months due to his operation and he is worried about his stamina. Thus, he would only play for 5 minutes before rushing to Shenzhen for his performance. In another report, Hacken was quoted as saying he would consider putting the Chinese drums segment into his concert.

[Source: http://www.leehacken.com/news/2007/news_20070701.htm]
[translated by Gillian]
[hacken's shirt looks great, and it's really meaningful, too! great idea! =)
i always like seeing him in casual clothes more, anyway. he can only play for 5 minutes? he's super busy these days! i'd love to watch his performance from this event!!! -kate]

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