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Hacken Lee: The Philosophy of less sweetened Iced Lemon Tea


The Philosophy of less sweetened Iced Lemon Tea

In reality, if I were to describe Hacken, I would choose wine. (I’m not sure which particular wine, maybe someone can help check?) It provides us with the sense that the quality is worth its price. At the same time, it also gives us security and stability. Hacken admits that he has never drank this particular wine, but he feels that a taste that is widely accepted by the public best represents his current status. He gave “Iced Lemon Tea” as the answer. Of course, this cannot just be described by the nice taste of lemon tea. In Hacken’s heart, this is like a philosophy.

“It’s popular and easily to find……but it’s not as if there’s no demand. A cup of Iced Lemon Tea can be very particular to a person: serving it in the western style or the local style; brewing it using red tea or a tea bag; if the taste is too strong the drink will turn bitter, and if there’s too much sugar it becomes unhealthy. Using the ingredients here is an art which is not easy to come by. The Iced Lemon Tea also represents my career status; you can say that it adheres to the taste of any age group! At my age, a cup of Iced Lemon Tea that is less sweetened is the most suitable.”

Hacken laughs at himself for being old but he isn’t proud. In fact, one feels that he is young and vibrant. After Hacken revealed his feelings, he shakes his head while smiling, saying “Young…young people should be drinking Coke! Coke is more “Shawn Yue”. On the mention that Shawn Yue is like Coke, Hacken secretly reveals a sad face.

How is the Iced Lemon Tea that like? Which type is it?

“I’m not referring to the western style one, that doesn’t cater to me. It’s a taste that you search for and suits your mood. It isn’t something easy. You need to first prepare and adjust yourself to yield the best results. That’s why I’ll choose the Hong Kong style Iced Lemon Tea; because it always gives a closer approach, and allows people to relax while enjoying it. If it’s less sweetened, than it’d be better! When the ice melts, it will reduce the taste of the tea. However, in reality one would rarely throw away a cup of lemon tea just because the melting of the ice has reduced the taste! But for coke……juices……their taste can change greatly! As for Iced Lemon Tea……you can still continue to drink it, it is still as tasty, and won’t be thrown away. It’s something that has strong adaptability! Haha!”

Well, for the Iced Lemon Tea - under any circumstances, people will appreciate it gladly
after sometime – just like Hacken Lee.

As Hacken said, drinking water is the most important. One should never ignore the importance of water, just like in life – we should not ignore the most basic demands and nourishes.

“Especially when you’re over 30 years old, you will pay more attention to your health. I substituted Coke for water during my teens – which means I drank more Coke compared to water. But now, I’ve made changes. In reality, I’ve been drinking less of cold beverages. I usually drink hot beverages or soup, and especially water. Water is the healthiest. Others such as red wine and coffee, I do not drink them frequently. To me, I drink them when I’m in a relaxed mood – like dining with friends at home or after I played golf, I would drink so in the club with a piece of Italy cheese pizza. (I’m not very sure if he meant pizza or cheese cake…). It’s only under these circumstances will I drink these beverages. During work, I would never depend on coffee to make me more alert. I still believe that if you do it, you will feel more alert naturally. Nothing can be compared to your own will, this is what we should possess. Just like water, it’s healthy but yet easily forgotten. It’s like how we will find ways to reach our target but not overcome problems with our confidence and strength. (can’t see the 2 lines after his properly…)

Can water represent your development in the singing and movie industry?

“Singing is represented by purified water, but for the movies it will be mineral water, I guess! Haha! For my age, mineral water is too cold. The Chinese doctor will tell you not to drink too much, just like how I don’t do movies frequent. As for singing, it’s my main career, and one of the most important things that sustains my life. So that’s why my work with the movies will not overshoot half of my time.”

“Six Strong Guys will be a start to the movies. It appears as a comedy. This is not something heavy as the film revolves around six people; it’s also easier to achieve effects. Just like, if you don’t like Hacken Lee, you can watch Andy Hui. If you still don’t like him, there’s Ekin Cheng, George Lam……the different actors have support from different people. I guess comedy suits me better. From the early hosting of “Smart people of the new century” to today’s “We Are Family”, and even my own concert, it’s full of happiness and laughter.”

Venturing into the movies as a singer, he is quite successful in making comedies. What direction is Hacken heading towards?

“Ronald Cheng’s style is more crazy and playful while I belong to the type who provides humour but less craziness. I feel that the crazier types of characters are more suitable for the younger ones, as for me, I’m already……hey! Sorry! I’m already overage! Haha! (can’t figure out the next line…too blur here, lol)” said Hacken confidently while smiling.

Who’d imagine that Hacken actually hopes to work with Sandra Ng? To Hacken, Sandra is an actress that is hard to come by, he says “If I were to work with her, the creativity would be challenging.” Ultimately, Hacken still has certain demands as an actor.

Drawing the topic back to Hacken’s album, he feels that his previous album was too K – karaoke. (meaning too much of K songs…) To him, his music can venture into other directions besides going towards the K factor. Just like how he said earlier: each type of beverage will be able to quench one’s thirst, and he need not stick to one.

“For the coming album, it is more of listening! Not like the previous one where you will go to the Karaoke after hearing; I think that it’s a direction worth going. The songs don’t have to be K songs: "Marriage after long engagement" and "Tall Girl" are both K songs but "Six Feet Encounters" and "Position of Goodbye Kiss" are so to K! Let’s try to give everyone a different taste!”

Having too many K songs will let people put their attentions on their vocals (meaning they will sing the song more often and visit the karaoke) and forget about the voice that is brought about by the album, the enriching and touching male vocals of Hacken Lee.

The Aftermath,
The Old Soup of Love

Hacken is clever and fast on his feet. However, when it comes to love, he likes to hide his answers. Hacken, if you were to use one type of beverage to describe love……

“Love again?” Hacken shakes his head, and looks very unwilling.

He is about to marry and yet is still unable to change his style of not talking about love.

He admits that people will son know about his marriage. Marriage does come after going steady. It’s time for the flowers to bloom.

“I’m……I’m a normal man after all! I will go steady! And of course, get married! Marriage……soon! Soon! Soon, everybody will know!”

So, which type of beverage is it?

“It’s "xi yang cai bo chen sheng tang"! (a soup brewed with a type of vegetable and kidney, will try to find the English name…) Haha! It’s home-made soup! Drinking it everyday will cause no harm, it’s very healthy! Just like a good love relationship and family life, it can make one more focus and energetic!”

Making such a great soup requires accurate time and patience. People who have experienced a long relationship will truly have the credit to taste it. It provides sweetness and warmth to one’s heart. Just like the relationship, it will never be separated.

[Source: Lisa Magazine, thanks to Phoenix for the scans!]
[translated by Hianez]

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