Monday, October 29, 2007

Emily's Mum Prepares Soup for Daughter and Visits Grandson. Hacken continues to lie low and not show his face

October 26, 2007

After giving birth to Ryan, Emily is currently still resting in the hospital while Hacken continues to keep a low profile and has not showed up publicly. Yesterday morning, Emily's mother came to the hospital to visit her, bringing some soup for her daughter. She told the reporters that the baby is doing well. Monica Chan and Chen Shuk Lan also came to the hospital to visit Emily and Ryan, but they did not reply to any queries. Zhong Chor Hung also appeared at the hospital at around 10, but it was not clear if she was visiting Emily.


Hacken's son reveals Foot.

Although a newly promoted dad, Hacken has not personally responded to the media about Ryan. However, it is hard for him to hide the joy of fatherhood. He uploaded a photo of little Ryan's leg on his blog and left a message to thank everyone for their well wishes. He also assured that mother and son were safe and that Ryan is a very good baby and very cute. He also thanked Alan for helping him out and responding to the media. The photo of the sole of Ryan's feet was similar to what Cai Yi Jie (one of the Grasshoppers) did when his son was born.

There have been fans who suggested several chinese names for Ryan, with them being Lee Jie Si (Giggs), Lee Lang Ni (Rooney), Lee Bi Xian (Beckham) as the pronunciation sounded like the players' names. Others also asked him to call his son Chen Zhi Yun after Stephan Chan (one of the top guys at TVB) to show that Hacken has given a grandson to TVB. There were also circulations of some photos that were purportedly of Ryan, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Gigi (Leung) becomes a liar for Hacken's sake

When asked to respond about Hacken being a father, Gigi was teased that she concocted a beautiful lie for her friend. Gigi said that Hacken had sent her an SMS telling her the news, but asked her repeatedly not to let anyone know about it, thus, she did not say too much regarding the issue. However, it is now all over the papers. When asked what presents she would give him, Gigi said she already gave him 3 pairs of infant shoes when he got married last year as she knew he would have a use for it and she would not be giving him anything.

[sources:, ~ Mingpao]
[translated by: GILLIAN]

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