Sunday, November 4, 2007

6.5 pound baby, Emily sees red--forced to have Caesarean Section (C-section)

Sudden Weekly Vol. 639
2007 Oct 26

Because the baby's arrival was two weeks earlier, for the safety of the baby and mother, Emily was forced to go through C-section. Hacken, first time being a father was very anxious, nervous and excited. He packed a bag to bring to the hospital, but because of the early arrival, Hacken forgot to bring the bag, in the end, needed his mother-in-law to bring the bag to the hospital.

Asking Nat Chan who the baby looks like, he said the baby is very handsome, very big eyes, looks like me, HAHA!! just joking! Emily is well. Will have to discuss with Alan what to give as a present. Godfather Alan was elsewhere doing a show, once he found out about the good news, he immediately phoned Hacken to congratulate him and told him that he will immediately go to see the baby when he comes back to HK. When asking Alan who the baby looks like, he responded that his face is changing everyday; first day he looks like Emily, next day he looks like Hacken, then the next day, looks like Emily again.

The baby was named after Hacken's soccer idol, Ryan Giggs. Once Manchester was in HK for a soccer match, Hacken and Emily being soccer/Manchester fans of course were there to watch. But Hacken regrets that he was not able to take pictures with them.

[translated by: JANE]

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