Monday, November 12, 2007

Hacken Lee: both husband and wife leave the hospital secretly

october 28, 2007

Hacken’s wife (Emily lo) last Monday had a caesarean section and gave birth to a baby boy (Ryan) who weighs about 6 lbs. It is reported that both of them with their new born child had left the hospital secretly and to avoid the paparazzi, they went back to another apartment in “xai gong”. Actually the day before yesterday, Hacken’s mother-in-law already took 2 big packs of things back home. Looks like she was helping her daughter to prepare leaving the hospital. Around 2 pm, the hospital’s security guards suddenly put away the fencing (for blocking the paparazzi), this means that Hacken's whole family had left the hospital.

[translated by: HACMILY, edited by KATE]

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