Monday, November 12, 2007

Ryan born in advanced

Hacken's gift’s (for friends) haven't been delivered to Hong Kong.

october 27, 2007

Hacken Lee's son was born recently and these few days he does not make any public appearances, but he still writes in his blog diligently and expresses his happy feelings after being a father. The day before, he set his blog's title as "HIS NAME IS RYAN", divulging that Ryan was born earlier than his actual date. On the morning of November 22nd he already arrived in this new world. Actually, Hacken planned to announce the news 2 days after Emily and Ryan settled down but the media in Hong Kong was too persistent and were following his parents around. So, he announced the news earlier. He added: "Ryan is very obedient and cute." Besides, he wanted to thank all his friends for their concern and support.

Yesterday, “SPECIAL CIGAR” was the title of Hacken’s blog. He expresses his happy feelings as a father by giving out the special cigars.

He says: ‘seeing Ryan growing bigger and bigger everyday (should say every second) gives me a very special feeling that is hard to describe. Ryan looks different everyday and I just couldn’t stop taking down all of his cute expressions, thanks to the help of my new camera!’

A lot of friends visited them and brought gifts for Ryan but of course not like what those magazines stated. He joked that there was another magazine reporting on the entire process of their story and it was so detailed! Just like staying in their house! He a‘ded: "Actually we also prepared some gifts to repay our friends. We already ordered chocolate and bubble gums cigars from the USA but didn’t expect Ryan to be born so early. So we have to change the date by ourselves."


[translated by: HACMILY, edited by KATE]

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