Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hacken Lee x David Garrett

TVB Weekly Vol. 540
2007 Oct 29

Hacken Lee x David Garrett

Crossover has been really popular. Hacken and David Garrett doing a crossover for "Paper Marriage" seems like it is not very exciting, but the two creates sparks when collaborating.

David Garrett is a young violinist known to resemble David Beckham; does he? Maybe it's just a name so it is easier to put a face to the name.

Hacken has worked with many other musicians, this is his first time working with David, but it seems as if Hacken already knows him very well. Hacken was the winner of 1986 New Singer Contest, he has been in the industry for 21 years already. But Hacken argues, only 20 years. It seems that 1 year makes a difference for Hacken. Being in the industry for 20 years, Hacken has been through many ups-n-downs; but till this day still have people buying my albums, watching my movies, still have many fans, it is not easy. After 20 years, I finally have some independent input on my work.

Always low-key, Hacken married his girlfriend of 13 years. Since marriage, nothing much has changed, I am still called Mr. Lee; only thing that changed are some little details when I have to fill out forms. Hacken rarely speaks of his family, he wishes the media will place more focus on his work rather than his family. When there is an article about him, the article may be about work, but the captions will always relate to his family.

Hacken expresses that he is just a normal person, when off-stage, I like to go shopping, go play ball, just like a normal person. I still have to get married. It is nothing different. On the day of the wedding, I am just doing what a normal couple would do, but I don't want it to be a city-wide topic/focus. So just stay low-key.

This article's focus was supposed to be on the crossover between Hacken and David. But there was only a simple question to David; what he thinks of Hong Kong. He says he likes HK, then Hacken passes by and asks him "Honestly?" then David finds all the reasons to support his liking HK. Very funny. But it is seen that Hacken really understands David; he knows that David likes chocolate, so Hacken buys him a lot of sweets; it is seen that David was very happy in the collaboration.

Two grown men, crossover was very caring and understanding, it is a good thing that one of them is married! (haha! =P)

[translated by: JANE]

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