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The arrival of Hacken’s baby boy is welcomed by money, cars, and diamonds from the rich

October 18, 2007

Volume 919 Next Magazine

Since the start of 2007 when Emily Lo was pregnant, faithful husband Hacken Lee got very anxious and stopped the production of his Mandarin album which he was supposed to release in the second half of the year. In June, when he found out that his baby is a boy, he composed a song as a gift for him.

Able to bear a male child in the first birth, Hacken made arrangements to ensure a good life for his baby. He already picked a good day to accompany his wife to the hospital to give birth. As a reward for her hard work, Hacken bought her an 8 carat diamond ring, and even had a gift for his baby – a diamond-shaped pacifier as his first gift. The baby’s father was very generous indeed but a group of godfathers were also as generous as him. His good friend, Chan Kwok Keung agreed to set up a scholarship for the baby. Nat Chan gave him a car and Alan Tam gave him diamonds. When the Golden Pig Baby arrives, he will be welcomed with many gifts from the rich!

Alan backs up Hacken

Early this year, on knowing that she is pregnant, Emily stayed at home for the first 3 months to stabilize the baby. She referred to many guidebooks and paid attention to the growth of her baby. She was very anxious too. Emily could not decide whether if she wants to have a normal delivery or undergo a cesarean section. However, Hacken is afraid that his wife of 34 years old will have to undergo pain and he also wants to choose a good day for the delivering of his baby. In the end, he decided to accompany his wife for the cesarean section next week.

Nothing is more important than the birth of his baby. Even as "TVB’s godson", Hacken would rather spend the time with his wife and newborn baby and thus rejected the Jade Singers Anniversary Celebration on November 3rd. As Hacken had been one of the focuses in this celebration, and was even the commander for the last 2 years, his absence this time is backed by “father” Alan Tam. However, if time allows, Hacken will still attend grand celebrations by TVB. He is going to attend the Yan Oi Tong charity show coming October 20 even though he is going to accompany his wife to the hospital soon. He will do his best till the end.

Delivering soon, Emily has decreased the number of outings in the past 3 weeks and Hacken reminded her to have ample rest. Most of the time, their driver and maid would help them with the shopping. On Sunday, Hacken’s maid had traveled by car to Sai Kung to buy seafood.

Big money spent

Hacken’s baby has not yet arrived but a group of godfathers are already queuing up to present him with gifts. They are very generous both this time and during Hacken’s marriage last year. Within a year, he received manyexpensive gifts!

Chan Kwok Keung:
Sponsored 100 million for the group of 15 people (including Hacken and Emily) to shoot their wedding photos in Manchester United's home ground, England.

Alan Tam:
Gave the money during their marriage, diamonds, and even sang at his wedding. He gave out a 7 figured sum in total. (It was mentioned before that to invite Alan to sing, people have to give him 7 figured sums…so him singing his Hacken’s wedding was expensive indeed!)

Andy Lau:
A digital photo album and lots of cash during their marriage was the most appropriate gift.

Touring Japan

Before the baby is born, first time daddy Hacken Lee had drawn up lots of plans. A soccer fan, he revealed in his lyrics that he will teach his child soccer. The truth is that he had planned to bring his father (also a soccer fan), wife and son to North Africa to watch the World Cup – 3 generations watching the match together!

Before the trip to North Africa, in July, Hacken and his wife who was bearing the child went to Japan for 8 days. Bearing the baby, Emily brought along a foldable stool which could also be used as a walking staff. It’s tiring for her to walk around being pregnant, and she would be able to sit when she gets tired. During the trip, the couple also ordered a luxurious baby stroller.

A good day

People in the entertainment circle are superstitious. They believe that by choosing a good day and time for the caesarean section, it will guarantee a good life for the baby. It is like a formality.

Hacken has engaged the help of masters to choose a good day for the operation. According to one master, Hacken whose zodiac is goat and Emily, whose zodiac is the ox, have the best delivery date on the ninth month and fourteenth day of the lunar calendar, which is on October 24. The baby born on that will be straightforward, having aspiration and integrity as well as power. The child will be successful and independent, achieving and building a family without being dependent on his own family. If it is a girl, she will be able to take charge of things. To Hacken, it’s definitely a good day for his baby boy.

As Hacken will be performing in his concert as a father for the first time next year, the producer suggested filming moments of his family after the baby’s birth and sharing it at his concert in February. Hacken agreed, and will be filming it himself, since he likes to recording video and photography.

Nat Chan and his wife gave him a 7-seater besides baby clothes which will make it easier for them to bring the baby around. As for Alan Tam, he already bought diamonds for Hacken’s baby. The baby is indeed fortunate to have all the love centered on him!

[translated by: HIANEZ]

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