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Hacken's baby is 6.5 pounds and named Ryan

October 24, 2007, 4.31pm (

Hacken gets a boy on his first try. Wife Emily gave birth to a 6.5 pounds baby boy on the 22nd October via Ceasarean. Both mother and son are safe. Hacken accompanied his wife into the delivery room and witnessed his baby being born. The couple is very happy and Hacken has named his son Ryan, but has not yet confirmed the Chinese name.


October 25, 2007 (Mingpao)
(adding on to the previous translation)

Hacken's son is named Ryan, similar to that of Manchester United footballer, Ryan Giggs, indicating that Hacken is a true blue soccer fan. Hacken has been spending the past few days with Emily, happily giving out cigars. When news of Hacken's son broke last night, he especially asked Alan Tam, someone whom he has a fatherly relationship with, to break the news to the media and share the joy.

Hacken, who is 39, has always kept his life low-profile. He ended 14 years of courtship with Emily last November and the wedding took place under huge secrecy. This time when giving birth, there were different news sources which indicated that the baby would only be born in early November. In fact, Emily had already been secretly admitted into the hopital and had secretly given birth with the news only filtering out last night. Yesterday, a huge group of reporters gathered outside the hospital, but did not see Hacken at all. However, they saw other celebrities like Nat Chan and his wife, Ada Choi, Monica Chan and Edmond Leung appearing. Nat Chan even took out the cigar Hacken gave him to take photos.

When Nat was asked who the baby looked like, he jokingly said that it looked like neither of them, and that the baby looked like him. :) Nat said that he will chip in with a group of friends to buy presents for Ryan and he said it was Emily who called him to tell him about the news. Nat stayed for about 20 minutes before leaving with a cigar that has Ryan's name printed on it.

When Andy Lau, who is holding a concert in Taiwan currently heard the news, he said he felt happy for Hacken and hoped he will work hard and have 2 kids in 3 years.

[Note: It was suspected that Ada was there to visit Emily as Ada was one of Emily's bridesmaids when she got married, but recent reports indicated that Ada had gone for a surgery to remove a boil on her vocal cords, caused by excessive screaming scenes while filming for Jewel Splendour. Ada can't speak for 2 weeks.]

Alan, who is curerntly in Suzhou was tasked by Hacken to announce the news to the media via a long distance call. Alan happily said that Hacken was 'yi neng's' (artiste management company?) real son and it's like he himself has a grandson. After Hacken became a father, the first thing he did was to call Alan to tell him the news. As the baby was born earlier than expected, both Hacken and Emily are a bit caught up with the baby. As Hacken is busy taking care of Emily and Ryan, he will give the details to the media later.

When asked who the baby looked like, Alan said that the baby's look changes with him looking like Emily the first day, then like Hacken the 2nd and back to looking like Emily on the 3rd day. When asked what gifts Alan would give Hacken, Alan said he would know what to do and whatever Nicholas Tse has, Hacken will also have. He would go visit Hacken and the baby immediately after he returns to Hong Kong.

When asked what tips he has to impart to Hacken, Alan said to tell Hacken to be careful in everything he does and he must hold the baby's head carefully when carrying the baby and not to scare the baby. He also asked everyone not to worry as both Hacken's and Emily's parents will be around and it would be more assuring that the older generation is around to help them take care of the baby.

[sources:,, mingpao]
[translated by: GILLIAN]

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