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Hacken locks the door to his room whenever he goes out

27 September, 2007

Earlier on, it was reported that Jacky Cheung changed 21 maids within 3 years and has been blacklisted by the Philippines Embassy. To this, Hacken says that he understands.

“When you hire a maid, you could only depend on the 2 minutes introduction that was filmed. And based on that, you have to decide whether she can live together with you and your family. It likes a marriage that has been arranged. However, each of us has different extents. I’m more relaxed and feel that tolerance and generosity are important. In 1996, when I first employed a maid, I had no notion of locking up doors. My things were lying around everywhere and this provided a temptation. The maid stole my money and dressed up in my wife’s clothes. She even took my tennis racket and took a picture while posing. I feel that the employer has responsibility too. Now, when I’m away from home, I will lock up my room and the computer room. Also, I won’t leave valuables lying around in the living room. Only when I’m in the room will I let the maid do the clean up. After that, no thefts occurred.” said Hacken.

Hacken Lee: Getting a wife is easier than getting a trustworthy maid.
One has to take caution to prevent thefts from maids

Hacken Lee, Hins Cheung, Ivana Wong, Kelvin Kwan, Niki Chow and various artistes attended the “Happy Daily 5th Anniversary: Happy Good Sister Competition” yesterday. Besides bringing a gift for the station and to the 6 maids, they had to go through many competitions and games.

He feels that getting a wife is easier than getting a good maid as they have to live with someone they do not know. “Because when you get to know a girl, there can be a period of time for you to observe (her). You get to see her character and judge if she’s pretty. I can then decide if she’s my cup of tea. But when you employ a maid, you only get a few minutes! Moreover, there are cultural differences and different ways of living. Hence, I have to believe in the agent. Luckily, the agent happens to be my friend. It might make things better.” he says. When asked if he feels that Jacky went overboard in his actions, he says “I’m not in a position to comment. I’ve fired maids myself too.”

Hacken has employed 2 maids, one of which has only been around for months and the other, for 2 years. He has employed both good and lousy maids. He once had a maid who was on good terms with him for 10 years. Did he employ one more maid to help ease the care-taking of his baby? “The main purpose is to look after the 5 dogs in my house. When the baby arrives, I will not employ more maids. I will only employ a confinement nanny.” (confinement=final stage of pregnancy)

His good friend Joey Leung will be ascending the Yuzhu Peak that is over 6000m tall at the end of the month. Rumour has it that he is trying to erase the bad impression he created. To this, Hacken says “This is a meaningful activity. He tells me very little about his love relationships. Knowing him for 20 years, I was the one who mentions such stuff more often.” Will Hacken join in the expedition? He says that his stamina has decreased after his operation while Joey’s stamina is OK. He wishes Joey luck when he heard that he might be afraid of heights and trusts TVB, as the company provided very good equipment. Did Joey leave him any messages? Hacken believes that Joey will be alright in this trip. What will Joey reveal on his expedition? Hacken jokes that Joey will talk about his driving. He feels that the programme should not be too intentional. On rumours that Joey faced the media negatively, Hacken says that he might be afraid after the earlier incident and hopes that people will give Joey some time.

Rare chance for Hacken to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at home after 5 years

On Mid Autumn Festival’s night, Hacken Lee invited Liza Wang and Gigi Leung to his home to have a celebration. In the past, Hacken had to work on this day. Hence, this is the first time in 5 years that he gets to celebrate this festival with his friends. Hacken pointed out that due to having too many people, it took a lot of effort to take a picture consisting of everyone. When asked if he will be afraid of Liza uploading the pictures to her blog, he says generously “No problem.” When asked if he will be afraid of pictures of his pregnant wife being exposed, he did not answer.

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[translated by Hianez, edited by Kate]

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