Monday, October 29, 2007

Hacken denies buying an 8 carat diamond for Emily

October 22, 2007

Hacken, Joey Yung, Tiffany Lee and others attended a charity event for Ren Ai 2 nights ago where 13 million was raised. In response to a previous magazine report that Hacken's good friend, Chan Kwok Keung, Alan Tam and Nat Chan would shower expensive items on his baby, as well as Hacken himself buying an 8 carat diamond for Emily and a diamond pacifier for his baby, Hacken clarified that he has never recieved the gifts mentioned in the report. He emphasized that one shouldn't bring up money matters amongst friends. Hacken said: "If this is true, then I wouldn't need to work anymore. Have a kid every year and I won't have to hold any more concerts." (haha!! =P)

When asked whether his friends were waiting for the baby to be born before showing up with gifts, Hacken said "we don't talk about all this after knowing each other for so many years. When I got married, we also don't talk about money matters. It is enough that friends send their blessings. In addition, babies do not need such expensive gifts. He should earn it himself when he grows up. I will concentrate and put my efforts on holding my concert. Since everyone seems so concerned about me having my baby, I'm considering calling my concert 'Hacken Lee Infant Education Concert' (joking!)" When asked whether he was going to play video clips of his son during the concert, Hacken said he tries not to keep such a high profile and has no such plans yet, but also said he may be so happy that he would consider doing it. Andy Lau also asked him to decorate his stage such that it looks like his house so that his whole family can be at the concert happily.

When asked about the 8 carat diamond gift to Emily, Hacken was silent for a while, then nodded briefly, but then said "Of course not!"

[translated by: GILLIAN, edited by KATE]

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