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Hacken accompanies his wife for a caesarean section. Emily gives birth to a 6 lbs baby boy

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October 25, 2007

Hacken accompanies his wife for a caesarean section
Emily gives birth to a 6 lbs baby boy

On Monday, the 22nd of October, Emily Lo had a caesarean section and gave birth to a baby boy who weighs about 6 lbs, and both mother and son are alright. Hacken Lee, a first time daddy, is very excited and has named his baby Ryan. His son bears the same name of Manchester United’s soccer star Ryan Giggs, no doubt Hacken’s a soccer fan. He had been spending the past few days accompanying his wife in the hospital and giving out cigars. (Usually they give out gifts which represent the baby’s gender) Yesterday, when news of his newborn child was “exposed”, he asked Alan Tam to announce the good news to the media on his behalf.

39 year old Hacken Lee had always been low profile in his private life. Last year, in November, he finally tied the knot with 33 year old Emily Lo – his girlfriend of 14 long years. He kept mum about his wedding and this time around, he has been turning the media’s attention to make them think that his child will only arrive next month. The truth is that Emily had entered the hospital secretly on an earlier date, and gave birth through caesarean section on Monday. News of her birth was released yesterday night, and many reporters could be seen waiting outside the hospital. But there was no sight of Hacken, only Nat Chan and his wife, Ada Choi, Edmond Leung etc appeared. Nat Chan even brought out the cigar which Hacken presented him for the media to take photos.

Requesting Alan Tam to reveal the good news

Alan Tam, who was in Suzhou (China) when he contacted the media through long distance calling, was happy for Hacken. He said that Hacken is like Yi Nen’s biological son (he was referring to some company) and this time it’s happy as if the company had a grandson. As soon as Hacken became a daddy, he called Alan to share his happiness. As the baby arrived earlier, Hacken and Emily were a little unprepared. Hacken's now busy taking care of his wife and Ryan, and will face the media later in person to share the good news.

Alan revealed that the baby was born on Monday morning and Hacken accompanied Emily into the operating theatre. As it was a caesarean section, Hacken stayed by Emily’s side till he witnessed the birth of his son. It’s hard to describe how he felt besides being happy and exhilarated. Who does the baby look like? Alan says that the baby looks different each day: on the first day, he looked like his mummy Emily, on the second day he looked like Hacken and on the third, he looked like Emily again. As for now, Ryan’s Chinese name has yet to be decided. What gifts will Alan be presenting? Well, he said that whatever Nicholas Tse has, Hacken will have it as well. (Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung gave birth to baby Lucas earlier.) I’ve already prepared 2 gifts in advance. I gave them an Angel Charlie made of jade, wearing diapers which contain diamonds in it. Alan will visit the baby immediately when he returns to Hong Kong. What advice does he have for Hacken? He advises Hacken to be careful, especially when carrying the baby. He has to make sure that Ryan’s head is well supported, and also not to let him get frightened. There is no cause for worrying as both Hacken and Emily’s parents are around. They baby will be alright under the elders’ care.

(Some people might have thought that Alan had actually seen the baby to know that he looked different each day but it wasn’t so. He was in Suzhou, and it can only be that someone informed him of the baby’s looks.)

Baby Ryan’s name originated from Giggs?

Hacken has always been a die hard fan of Manchester United and it is speculated that Hacken named his child after his idol Ryan Giggs. It is not known if he wants his son to become a soccer star! Ryan Giggs (know as 傑斯 in Chinese) is now one of Manchester United’s key players and his translated name in Chinese bears a word is incoherent with the wood element. (The character his this ‘’ element) Even if the baby’s Chinese name is to be 李傑斯 (pronounced as Lee Kit See in Cantonese) it will not be a shame. If the name is to incorporate the wood and water () element, he can be named 李森淼 (Lee Sam Mak – I’m not sure of the last character, I think it’s Mak) or 李小沁(Lee Siu Qing – pardon me but the last character bugs me again! I think it’s Qing) or 李漫聯 (Lee Man Lin – the last 2 words is exactly how Manchester United is pronounced) isn’t a bad choice either. (imagine naming your children after soccer teams…)

Ryan’s photos are yet to be released but judging from Hacken and Emily’s big eyes, it is believed that Ryan’s eyes won’t be small. Having inherited the genes of his mother, the Miss Hong Kong 1992, Ryan is sure to be handsome. However, it is best that he does not have hair like his father. Not even 40, Hacken’s hairline is starting to recede. [ (-_-)’’ I think it’s just that Hacken has a wide forehead, and together with his face shape it makes it looks like he has a ‘receding’ hairline] Let’s hope that the baby will have smiles like Alan Tam’s, and will be easy going and amiable.

Nat Chan receives a cigar from Ryan

On knowing that Emily gave birth in Yeung Wo Hospital, the media rushed to the destination. As Hacken was busy looking after his wife and child, he did not face the reporters.

Last evening, around 6.10pm, Nat Chan and his wife came over to visit the baby and revealed that a group of friends had gathered shares of money to buy the family a gift. He admitted that they were here to see the baby. Did Hacken contact him? No, Nat said that Emily called him yesterday to come over. He stayed for about 20 minutes and left after that, holding a cigar bearing Ryan’s name. Who does the baby look like? He jokes, “He doesn’t look like Emily or Hacken, he looks like me. I’m only joking! Everyone is chatting happily in the hospital and Hacken is upstairs too.” They asked if the baby is a girl or a boy and Nat joked again “Go upstairs and see and you’ll find out!” Referring to the cigar in his hand, he said “This means that it’s a boy and there are lots of people upstairs!”

In the afternoon, Ada Choi (who was one of the sisters in the ‘gang’ during Emily’s wedding) and Monica Chan appeared. Ada was wearing a cap and kept her head low throughout. Had she come to visit Emily? She waved and said that she was unable to speak. Did she come to see a doctor then? She nodded. However, she did not go over to see any doctor but proceeded to the patients’ room instead. Both of them kept smiling but did not speak. So, Ada has lost her voice. Later on, the reporters called her and Ada told them “I went to see a doctor and only know that Emily had given birth when the reporters questioned. I wish her happiness, and the baby to grow tall and strong, and be healthy!”

At 5pm, Edmond Leung appeared with his girlfriend, Karen and decided to leave upon seeing the crowd of reporters at the hospital’s entrance. Did he come to visit Hacken and Emily? He kept denying and pleaded for them to let him off. After that, he revealed that he had wanted to see a doctor but he decided to leave. He stressed that he had not come to see the baby. “I don’t know anything. I injured my back and came to see the doctor. You have so many people here; I’d better not visit this hospital!” He left with his girlfriend quickly after that.

Andy Lau wishes Hacken to be able to have 2 children in 3 years

Andy is currently having his concert in Taizhou (China), “I’m very happy for him. Let’s hope that he can continue to have 2 children in 3 years!”

Earlier on, Hacken wrote a song for Ryan, titled Little Baby. The song fully describes his happiness on being a father. In the song, “I want to carry you at the instant you arrive, Daddy is willing to do so every day, Daddy’s love for you is higher than the sky” – the lyrics does describes Hacken’s anticipation. Sometime ago, Carol Cheng revealed that the baby’s due date is in early November but little Ryan’s early arrival was a huge surprise for the couple.

Hacken’s record company says that he did not ask for leave. It’s his recording period for now, and he will be doing promotion near the end of November. Nothing has hindered his work progress.

Congratulations from Hacken’s friends

Eric Tsang: I’m currently filming in Taiwan and didn’t know that his son had been born! I will certainly present him with gifts. Any tips on how to teach his son? Let him develop freely!

Kelly Chen: I sang with Hacken for the song Loving Someone. Now, there should be another song called Loving One More Person because Hacken has a son. It’s just like how he has to love one more person, which is his son. I will ask him to work hard, and give birth to another baby girl!

Gigi Leung: Really? I don’t know anything. (The reporters laughed at her for trying to act silly.) You asked it all of a sudden, I did not have time to prepare. On his wedding, I gave him 3 pairs of baby shoes. I wanted to give him shoes which tally with the total number of players in Manchester United. But one pair alone is expensive, so I only bought 3. Let’s not reveal too much about friends’ business.

Joey Leung: Through his assistant, he congratulated Hacken on becoming a father.

Ryan is full of artistic talent and will be a child star

Ms. Mak Leng Leng (someone who specializes in seeing people’s fortune I think…) calculated little Ryan’s life. She stated that Ryan’s element is the Earth. If he is born between 7am to 9am, he is destined to have another younger sister. But if he is born between 9am to 11am, he will have a younger brother. Ryan’s characteristics are as follows – straightforward, perspective, has his own principles and he is full of artistic talent. He can develop in areas like singing, dancing and acting. His name should contain any “wood” character and it’d be best for him to have a “water” character. She also said that since the baby was born in the morning, he might hurt his leg easily. He will be famous starting from 4 years old till 14, and might become a child star. He has affinity with his parents. Blue and green coloured things will match him but he should not carry jade. Another master said that Ryan will be lucky from age 24 to 84.

Why was Alan Tam the one to reveal the news?

It is definitely a respectful decision of Hacken’s to get Alan to reveal the news since Alan is the baby’s godfather and Hacken’s benefactor. It could also be that Hacken is too busy with his family and could not make time. Also, Alan is agreed to have a good life and has been termed Fu Lu Shou (The 3 Gods of Prosperity, Wealth and Life in the Chinese religion) together with Eric Tsang and Nat Chan. Having him to reveal the news will certainly bring good luck to the baby.

Fans want to see Ryan’s photo badly

On knowing that he has become a daddy, fans of Hacken went to his blog immediately and left him many messages and wishes. Besides doing so, they also took into concern Emily’s well-being, asking her to take care of her health. Some fans reminded Hacken to take nice shots of little Ryan when he is free so that everyone can have a look. Others even joked that Manchester United’s victory in a match was a way of congratulating Hacken’s newborn child.

Hacken, who has many friends in the entertainment circle, received many congratulations for his first-born child. Emily, who will be having her 34th birthday on November 16, will have her baby to celebrate it with her. It is no doubt the best present.

Buying a camera and shooting photos

Earlier on, Hacken bought a new camera to take down photos of little Ryan. He posted a picture of his camera on his blog last Friday, saying “I have to tell all my friends that you don’t have to congratulate me so early”. On Sunday, he was still enjoying a snooker match at home and left a message to his fans around 10pm, expressing his anxiety of wanting Marcus Fu to win. At that time, Hacken had no idea that his baby was about to be born.

On Monday morning when Emily felt that she was about to deliver, Hacken sent his wife to the hospital immediately. They had already agreed on having a c-section earlier and proceeded on doing it. At the hospital, Hacken dedicated all his time to Emily and their baby and called Alan Tam to report the goods news at once.

Words from a master: little Ryan will bring average money luck to his father

When the reporters called Master Ma to discuss about the life of Ryan, Ma said “He belongs to the Earth element which is prosperous in the ninth month of the lunar calendar. (which is October of 2007). If he is born between 9am to 11am, he will be very lucky and have a good life. Also, he is lucky to have a good father. As for money luck and fortune, it will be average. It’s because of the Earth element – Ryan might be slightly stubborn at times and not alert enough. He might meet with many dangers in life.”

Disinfecting the whole house, washing the baby’s clothes

After Ryan was born, Hacken asked the maids to disinfect his whole house and wash the baby’s clothes again to make sure that Ryan will have a super clean house. Emily should have given birth around 10am, and Hacken cut the umbilical cord of the baby and cried on seeing his arrival. It was a touching scene. To avoid the paparazzi, he borrowed a seven seater from his friend. At around 7pm that night, Emily’s mother left the hospital in the car Hacken borrowed. The next day, she traveled by herself to the hospital to see Emily.

Super fees for delivering the baby

Emily chose to deliver at Yeung Wo hospital. The hospital has different packages for natural birth and c-section. For natural birth, the patient can stay in a private room for 4 days and 3 nights for $32,000. For c-section, it will be 6 days and 5 nights for $43,800. Fees will be in effect from the day of delivery but all other fees from other doctors have not been included in the total bill. The package includes basic health check and medical fees but the hospital will make arrangements when necessary. If the husband is to accompany the wife during c-section, they will have to pay more.

Having peace is a fortune

Who knew that Hacken, who had already always been a disciplined person, would have a child after such a short time of his marriage! His life as an artiste for the past 10 years has been normal, especially for his private life. There were not many rumours and his family, love relationships and friendships did not have much change. It can be said that Hacken is not like someone who is in the entertainment circle. Even when his wife was pregnant, he never publicly announced it. Life was very peaceful and disciplined for him, and he is one person who has received blessings from it!

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[translated by HIANEZ]

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