Friday, October 19, 2007

Hacken reveals that he was eliminated from the role of Guo Jing during auditions

October 14, 2007

The International Grand Ceremony of Chinese Martial Arts took place at Shenzhen on the night before. Besides having Martial Arts stars, the organizations presented Mr. Jin Yong with the “Chinese Martial Arts Highest Reputation” award, and Hacken Lee was invited as the performing guest. He sang many theme songs of dramas which were adapted from martial arts novelist Jin Yong. Hacken and Chan Yuk Lin later presented flowers to Jin Yong.

Hacken comments that his forte does not lie in martial arts and would rather stick to singing theme songs for martial arts dramas. He has almost no affinity with the martial arts world: the closest was when it came to the filming of The Legend of The Condor Heroes, he was scheduled to audition for the role of Guo Jing. Hacken cannot accept his image in the show, especially the head dress he had to put on. Hence, he rejected the role immediately. In the end, the role of Guo Jing was given to Julian Cheung (male lead) and the female lead was played by Athena Chu. Did he regret giving up the chance? “If I had filmed [it], TVB might regret instead as there could be low ratings brought about by me.”

Hacken jokes, saying that among the various guests that night, he could be the only one who does not know martial arts. He admires the hard work of action stars, and feels that being a singer is fortunate. He compares his talent for martial arts to how he dances; he can never hold a candle to Aaron Kwok.

Since young, Hacken is a fan of Jin Yong and has read all of his works. For some novels, he has even read them more than 3 to 4 times.

On Lydia Shum’s condition, Hacken expressed his concerns. He hopes that she can get well soon. With desperation, he said “Hopefully, the media can provide her with freedom. It’s really harsh for her, it’s best if they can understand [be understanding to] the patient!”

(Mingpao, Wei Wei Po)] [translated by: HIANEZ]

[Jin Yong is a well known martial arts novelist, many of his works has been adapted into movies and dramas.
Lydia Shum was admitted into hospital recently and her condition was reported to be dangerous.
A picture for the show, The Legend of The Condor Heroes (1994) with Julian Cheung and Athena Chu can be seen here:
(it could’ve been Hacken in the posters, haha) --Hianez]

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